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When YOGA meets HIIT

Combination of Power Yoga and High Intensity Interval Workout

January 01, 2020

🕉Yoga is and has been the perfect solution for my body, mind and soul for about 10 years now. In addition to its positive effects on my soul and mind, it brings flexibility, balance, strength and lightness I need on the body side.


💪🏼Now I am adding a new style created by Sadie Nardini  to my power yoga classes as I am trained with her course on The Yoga Shred. 

🙌🏼It is a perfect blend of yoga mindfulness with HIIT(High Intensity Interval Training), help you to tone body, get stronger for movement without injury and optimizing the cardio capacity. With the addition of 3-4 times 4-minute yoga inspired-movements into the power yoga class, you can get benefits of HIIT and yoga together! 


👏🏼Yoga Shreds are shown to raise metabolism by up to 15% for 48 hours.


We tried them in my classes and my students loved the energy-fun-challenging and self-expressive movements and oh boy we sweat!! There are many more benefits that I can explain you in my classes. 


If you want to give it try to Yoga Shred Inspired classes, I have availability on Mondays 10;00 and Wednesday 10:30 in Chambesy. 


👉🏼Check out Sadie’s Facebook page , Youtube channel and Application to try it on your own! You will love it !

Healthy living or Eating Disorder? What was my mistake?

December 10, 2017

Many people become addicted to perfectionism and take things to the extreme. Even if this is a healthy habit of doing yoga, eating a healthy diet, when taken to the extreme it can have serious negative consequences like orthorexia as explained above. A perfect body image is what makes most of us “uncomfortable” with what we eat and how we live and we try to make the changes accordingly.


There is this fine line between obsession and healthy body figure supported by a healthy life, where you do not get sick frequently, you know that your organs are functioning normally and regular check-ups show that you are on the right track.


I made some mistakes in this area and you can read more about that and my ideas about a healthy, "healthy living" !


How Yoga Teacher Training Enhanced My Life.


December 04, 2017



If you decide to become a yoga teacher or not, a yoga teacher training course will dramatically change your life forever in so many positive ways that will not only stay with you, but also with your family, friends and your community! The world needs this movement – and more yoga teachers then ever – YOGIS UNITE!


On a final note, I will be eternally grateful for all the values yoga has brought into my life and being able to work as a independent teacher, giving group and private classes everyday and having this new career that connects me to my community – but mostly the privilege of doing something that I not only believe in with all my heart and soul and love doing!


If you are interested in Yogalife teacher trainings in 2018, here are the details.


Read more here about my journey and how these trainings enhanced my life! 

Family Weekly Menu, October 16 Week

With Keto Lunch Ideas for the Mom!

October 14, 2017

Last week I had to change the program as I had unplanned outings!! So life happens in different ways and when your freezer have some ready meals, that saves the life! I have usually the homemade meatballs in the freezer and adding a nice pasta with salad becomes a quick family dinner.

Here is next week's plans:

- Sunday: Chicken and Dried Tomato pasta from Momables, one of my favourite website for family meals ideas. This recipe has become my sons' one of favourite dishes of all times! And sometimes I make a zoodle and add the chicken part of this recipe to my zucchini noodles! I am having the remaining of my healthy coleslaw salad from yesterday!

- Monday: Same as Sunday! I don't want to cook on Mondays as it is already a busy day! I'll just make a quick mixed salad of spinach, rocket and lettuce with toasted almonds. 

- Tuesday: Mixed Seafood Noodle (and Zoodle for me with Zucchini) with Mushrooms and Peppers and Green Salad. For Lunch I will try the Baked Broccoli Fritters with Avocado Dip from Hemsley and Hemsley

- Wednesday: Whole30 Hearty Vegetable Soup, Grilled Lamb chops, Oven Baked Cabbage Slices and green salad with walnuts, yogurt+mustard sauce. 

- Thursday: Fish and Chips -homemade healthy version (I will use almond meal and sesame for the fish batter)  with rocket salad. I might add my favourite cauliflower rice with almonds, too!


- Friday: We will be off to Lisbon (yay! Any suggestions for vegetarian or healthy restaurants are more then welcome) but you can try the Mexican Night, the one we could not do last week:))

Or you can try my zucchini base pizza recipe here.

- Saturday:  Eating Out night! 

- Sunday: Turkish Style Dried White Beans and Rice Pilav, Pickles. I'll make a chicken and vegetable soup for myself. 

Weekly Family Menu, October 9, 2017

A menu for 2 boys (ages 13 and 10), one hubby and one keto mom!

October 07, 2017



I decided start writing my weekly menus here so that it helps me getting into discipline and maybe helping you to get inspired! I sometimes write my menus on my diary but then other weeks I forget and then go with the flow, which makes me stressed, waste or be out of stock in some items! 

So lets hope I can keep up with my promise and this way also start discovering new recipes.


As I am following the low carb-high fat diet, I stick with veggies, protein and salad part and prepare the carbs for the boys. 

I also put the links of recipes wherever possible and underlined the name of the meal.

Here is the menu for coming week:

Monday- Stuffed Zucchini (Turkish style and served with yogurt)  and Bulgur  with vegetables and tomato sauce, Healthy Coleslaw (Red and White Cabbage Salad with red onion, almonds)

Tuesday - Green beans and Bulgur, mixed pickles, green salad with walnuts (with mustard-lemon sauce)

Wednesday - Oven Baked Salmon with pesto and Mushrooms, Broccoli and Cabbage, Rocket Salad with red onions

Thursday -  Pumpkin Soup, Chilli Con Carne, Cauliflower tabouleh

Friday- Mexican Night, Fajitas Platter and remaining Chilli Con Carne

Saturday - Out to friends!

Sunday - Grilled Fish, Baked potato and cauliflower  with garlic, walnuts and rosemary

I hope you enioy and benefit from the menu ideas. I might make some changes on the way and I will let you know from Facebook or Instagram if I do! 

Have a great week all.

Natural Hair Care Tips and Henna Recipe

With a "How to" Video

January 01, 2020

Hair is a serious issue! It can make you very happy or very unhappy depending on many different things such as the style, but most importantly the condition! As your yoga teacher I would say don’t let it be your criteria for happiness! But as your friend I would say, I totally know what you mean!

However, I am one of the lucky ones – I have been blessed with lots and lots of well mannered hair! I did suffer some hair loss after births of my sons, but I am happy to say I still have enough left to get lots of compliments… (blush..blush!).

However, thinking back, I actually did quite a lot to keep my hair as healthy as possible. So I have decided to  share some of my hair care routines and secrets with you.

How do I take care of my hair?

Low Carbohydrate-High Fat, Ketogenic Diet Experiment, week 4

Learn More About My New Experiment

January 01, 2020

Ketogenic diet is the one where one gets most of his/her calories from healthy fats and limit carbohydrates to about 5% of daily calories. This way, body learns to get its energy from fat, by creating ketons and burning fat rather then glucose. It gives the body more and sustainable energy, stops the sugar/carbohydrate cravings and helps you tor each optimum fat level in the body.

I have been trying different diets since many many years! I got my fist diet book when I was in the university and at the time the main concern was how to lose a few kilos in a healthy and conscious way.

Why I decided to try?

My favourite Essential Oils, bringing health and joy!

Learn where to start

January 01, 2020

Healthy living is not only about avoiding, it is also about discovering some new and natural stuff that makes our lives nicer and better!


If you are like me and always interested in different ways of enhancing the life in a more natural way, here I share my essential oils favorites.


I was pretty sceptical about the use of oils! I was also pretty afraid to make a mistake and do something bad for my health! A few years ago, it all started with the lavender oil, using it for my bath, mixing it with some bath salts or sprinkling it to my bed for a better sleep! It worked!

How to start Meditation and how can it help you?

May 11, 2017

Almost everybody heard of mediation and many have been  doing it for years, enjoying its amazing benefits. Some of you though, are like me, quiet hesitant to try and discover it and feel like this is a “not for you”!

In today’s busy and stressful world, with many items on your “to do lists”, always multi-tasking and rushing from one place to another, we tend to forget about our own self, real desires and the purpose of our lives.

The accumulation of so much information and the stress makes the mind too noisy, loss of memories and issues with willpower, patience and inner peace.

Meditation is simply about concentrating and being able to focus the attention to one point. You might think that it is very easy yet being able to sit or even lie down still and focusing on one point is such a challenge for many of us

How to Unlock the Spring Energy, 5 Simple Steps!

Spring is great but can also be overwhelming!

April 01, 2017

With the sunshine comes the blossoming trees, flowers, birds, bright and vibrant colors…everything is beautiful and renewing! Yet are you still feeling a little more tired and overwhelmed then usual?

Do you also have this dual feeling of spring energy but the need for more rest and sleep?

Well, welcome to the club! Spring is the time for renewal and change and this can take a lot of energy.

35 Days of Detoxing!

How I managed and what is next?

March 13, 2017

It appears that for some people, a lifestyle change of food comes easily. Vegans happily drop dairy; people with celiac forego gluten; diabetics resist sugar.  However, for most of us this journey is not ‘a piece of cake’! Take me, for example - I have Turkish origins and therefore absolutely adore yoghurt, feta, and ‘simit’ (a wheat bagel) with cheese. However, I have managed to regularly do a simple detox program for the last four years!

Time for some change, introducing Ceylan Ayik

From Fitgourmet to Ceylan Ayik, my new journey

February 25, 2017

Here is the The Short Story of "Journey From Corporate Life to Yoga &Nutrition Coaching" :

Five years ago when we moved to Geneva, quit my job and became an "expat wife", I started the Fitgourmet blog due to a new approach in my life regarding nutrition and lifestyle. Back then, I was beginning to understand how vital good food and exercise were to keep my family both healthy and happy.

My passion for this new lifestyle led me to studying at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition where I became a qualified Health Coach in 2015.

How to jump back on wagon after a break?

August 29, 2016


(oh yes, summer will come back again, promise! A view from Selimiye, a small village in Turkey’s south-west coast)

September is a bit like new year to me! New decisions, resolutions, goals for a new season! Maybe that’s a way to cope to with the end-of-summer-syndrome!


What is your motivation for healthier living? Find your goals beyond numbers!

They did it, so can you!

June 14, 2016

I would like to share with you some success stories from the past year from my wonderful clients, who have worked extremely hard to reach their goals (no names and details and some little changes to story for confidentiality).

Kefir, its green smoothie, the miracle probiotic that improves the immune system!

May 30, 2016


Let me start by saying how much I hated kefir, until I started doing my own! I tried it many times before, knowing that it is very healthy and great for immune system, and that’s it! Otherwise I had no idea that I could do it at home, I can mix it with my own ingredients to taste and why it is soo good for the gut and eventually immune system!

Stress, weight loss, yoga, health, happiness…what is the connection?

May 30, 2016


I am going through a difficult period in life with health problems in the family, living away from my home country, with my family of 2 kids & husband  and a newly establishing business and lots of responsibilities on different parts. Something many of you might have experienced maybe more difficult times and almost all families go through this stage once our beloved ones get older.

My favorite core workout with Garudasana, Eagle pose!

April 25, 2016


Garudasana, eagle pose, is one of my favorite poses in yoga!

When you do it standing, you can really imagine being an eagle, looking far far ahead, twisting up using almost all muscles in your body, squeezing and hugging them in and then after some few breaths, letting your arms-wings open up to unwind and come back! Such a beautiful connection of body& mind& nature& humans…

Time for a cleaning, why we need a detox and how can it help you?

Add some more info about this item...

April 03, 2016


Detox is a word that is overused and generally misunderstood!

It is often used as an alternative to “dieting” when actually the two are not necessarily the same thing!! The end result does have a common factor, such as losing weight. However, a detox is something that has been in practice in the Indian mountains and other Eastern cultures for many thousands of years.

Short Morning Yoga Series for Lower Back Pain

April 02, 2016

Lower back pain is one of the most common forms of complaints and if you have herniated disk like mine you might have to live with it for long long years in your life! I tried many different ways to cure it with physical therapy, ostheopati, acupuncture, different types of massage, homeopathy…. over the years. Finally I decided to not fight but learn to live with it by managing my pain though yoga!

A FitGourmet Menu!

Where to start your healthier living efforts? Menu Planning!

March 06, 2016

Yes, it is! If you can just spare 20 minute on each week, and start shopping and cooking  accordingly, that will be a great start for a healthier nutrition!

10 Tips for staying fit during holidays

February 22, 2016


For a small number of people, holidays are the times were they can eat more regularly, sleep-rest-move more and therefore lose or not gain weight at all! For most people, holidays are “let go” periods where one tends to “indulge” more with little or no restrictions! It can also be very challenging if you are visiting another country or town where the food is different and interesting and you want to taste and experience a new cuisine!

Nutritiously Delicious Breakfast Alternatives

February 07, 2016


Breakfast is one of those subjects in nutrition world, where you hear lots of different opinions! Some say, you’d better start your day with only a fruit for maximum energy, some say you must have a protein and healthy fat rich one, some say just have a green juice or smoothie and stay liquid until lunch time!

YES! You can you relax and burn calories!

Good news time!

January 30, 2016


There is one thing you can do when you lost the control over what you eat and can not exercise enough to burn that extra! Yes, you read it right,  for the first time science has come up with something so easy and free to do, when you are in that super guilty mood!!

Please don’t diet again!

Loosing weight and keeping it there is fine arts!

January 15, 2016

There are so many promises around, telling you you can get rid of 5 kgs in 10 days or 10 kgs in 3 weeks, etc. Some of them sound reasonable and you give them a chance, with the hope and promise that you will keep that weight and never go back to where you started!

But then, what happens? Why do you find yourself searching for another diet, one more miracle to take you back? You probably know the answer but dare not to say it out loud! Let me tell it for you and you repeat after me:)

Summer, Holidays and Keeping up with your Wellness Goals

3 Simple Tips

January 01, 2020

Delicious Ice Cream! One of the favourite summer classics! How can you not have a bite of this or your mom’s favorite dish or a glass of ice cold Raki (A local spirit) and delicious fresh fruits or the artisanal ice cream or or or…the list goes on and on and on like crazy! You may have also been following my new experiment with the ketogenic diet where I limit carb intake to 25g per day and the rest is fat, protein and vegetables only!


Once you start to limit your carbs you realise just how much life revolves around them!! And how much our holidays are planned and lived around meals we eat, and during almost every meal, we start to plan the next big breakfast…or another fish-mezze occasion or a local artisanal speciality:))


So, we could say it is pretty obvious, that whilst on holiday that we can not stick 100% to a “low-carb” or any type of calorie restricted diet – unless you have a health issue that requires 100% commitment.


However, I think I have found the best solution this year (at least until now, and one that works for me).

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