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Tips for Sleep Problems and Hormones

Updated: Dec 2, 2019

Age bring you experience, wisdom, maybe grown up kids, a better perspective of life, sometimes confidence and calmer energy. And age also brings you other new things like grey hair (as in this picture!!), more and deeper lines on face, somewhat softer belly and among with other unwanted stuff, it brings wide awake nights!!

If you started to wake up at night for no known reason, if falling back to sleep is not easy as before, if you started to wake up earlier than you hoped...well, welcome to the club! I just mentioned the perimenapuase symptoms in my previous post at Instagram, and if you are women over 40, sleep is one of them.

The roller coaster effect of dance of progestorone, estrogen and cortisol. Here are some tips I learned during our Yoga Nidra (which means yogic sleep) training in Goa, by Yogalife International .


✨ cafein effects cortisol hormones and cortisol messes up with your melatonin, key hormone for a good quality sleep. Stop or limit your cafein, to max 1 cup per day. Best is to detox completely for 10 days and than stay 1 cup/day.

✨ But then remember that dark chocolate, green tea, cacao also has cafein so limit them, too! Replace your sweet cravings with dates, apple-pear compotes with dried fruits. I also add some almond butter on top😋

✨ Try yoga nidra when you can not go back to sleep. There are many apps, podcasts on every music programm or Youtube.

If you don’t want to reach out to phone, try on your own like this.

A Short Yoga Nidra for Falling Asleep

* Lay down on your back, feet wide apart, arms parallel to body, palms looking up. Bring your awareness to your breathing. Analyze your breath, qualties like depth, warmth, effects in belly, chest, etc. Sometimes I fall asleep while doing this:)

* Breathe deeply 10 times using your belly-diaphram. Inhale from nose, belly rises, exhale from mouth without forcing the lips. Again sometimes I fall asleep somewhere before 10 times!!

* Start relaxing your body parts one by one, guiding your awarenss from right hand (especially fingers) to arm, right side of body, hips, legs, foot.. be as much detailed as you can. Go to left hand and guide your awarenss on the left part of the body.

Do the same for front and back of body, staying 2-3 seconds on each body part. No analyses, no judgement, no stories about these parts. Just become aware and relax.

You’ll probably fall asleep somewhere in the middle.

But if not, continue by repeating an intention, a positive simple affirmation like “I am relaxed and all is well”. If you are still awake, repeat this process.

Other Tips for a better sleep

Another important point is to stop looking at phones, 1-2 hours before sleep. Instead read a book, take a bath, or warm shower. Try applying warm sesame oil after bath/shower.

Use a blindfold if your room is not completely dark. Even a small light avoids melatonin production.

I started using Bose earplugs with noise cancelling sounds. This helps to avoid any sound at night.

Make sure your room is aired, not more than 20-23degrees celcius. Some say even less, 19degrees!

Eat lighter at dinner, prefrably vegetable soups, no heavy protein. Digestion disturbs sleep.

And if non works, stop fighting with it. Accept it, wake up, walk around, do some yoga, stretching, breathing, joirnaling, reading a light book, etc. Then try go ing to sleep again, if it is worth it. If not, accept this and make use if this time. Prepare early breakfast, start your day early.

And remember You can always compansate your sleep debts with yoga nidra sessions!

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