30 day Vegan Challenge day #5 and strange greens stir-fry!

Oh yes! Being vegan means you close your eyes to anything but green!!!! It gets more and more complicated as weekend comes!!

Today was better then yesterday, at least I could do my morning gymnastics, had more energy and motivation in the morning! Breakfast was as usual, muesli, followed by coffee.

Lunch was a bit difficult as I had guests and cooked famous Turkish köfte (meatballs) whose smell always kills me (I mean in apositive way!)!! Plus, I cooked tortellini with ricotta and cheese with parmesan toppings!! None for me of course, here was my delicious salad as usual.

You have probably heard the famous saying, “you are what you eat”. With the beginning of my vegan days and with my Health Coach training, I now think of this more and more. In of the lessons, it talks about energetic of foods and it says that, “Eating from your own garden or buying your produce from the local farmers’ market will leave you feeling more connected to your home or local community. When you eat seasonal, locally grown produce, the body is more able to maintain balance from the inside out.” I know this is not new to most of you and like my mom, most of your moms already told this to you and maybe you’ve been doing it already intuitively. But take a look at the people who eat fresh salad on a summer day, don’t you agree that they mostly are more cheerful and happy then others?? Well, at least I am, even if today was a horrible summer day in Geneva!!

I also played around this millet grain, treating it like bulgur which is my most favorite!

I also started to get used eating this tofu stuff, cooking it for about 5 minutes and eating like marinated cheese with salads, veggies, etc.

Dinner was another challenging time as I cooked salmon for the family, one of our Friday night favorites! Noodles-salmon and other seafood!! That’s why I needed some leaf on my eyes and something to squeeze my nose for not seeing and smelling this feast!!

Instead, I ate my “delicious stir-fry strange veggies”!! I tried this very strange named veggie called Bok Choi (Turkish readers already smiled), with all the others…and tried to share it with kids which started to protest my veganism on my 5th day!!! Mert (elder one, age 10) said, “Mom, accept it, Turkish people can not be vegan, you can not be a vegan, how can you say no to all??” I said, “I am trying, this is an experiment not a lifetime commitment! We’ll never know how it feels like until we try ourselves!”…(somebody-a vegan- help me please!!!).

Anyway, today is Friday and I am in a better mood, a glass of weekend red wine to support me in my journey!! I am allowed to drink wine, right? Or is there a vegan wine as well? Now I become paranoid of everything!!

Let’s see how the weekend will go…

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