Chocolate Cake, gluten and sugar free, delicious and irresistible!!

Is it possible to make a gluten free chocolate cake without white flour, white sugar and butter?? Yesss!!! Anyone needs a recipe ??

The original recipe is here, a website I love, Honestly Healthy. I have her book with the same name, and enjoy the recipe, advises, tips a lot! Living the clean and alkaline way without compromising on the taste is the secret of this book! Strongly advise it.

I will not repeat the recipe here but I will tell you the changes I made and you can make according your taste and ingredient availability. I made this cake 3 times and tried different ways, they all come up nicely!

One thing you should remember though, in order to clean your diet from the white sugar and flour, you must get ready for a change in your taste buds. This takes time and be patient with getting used to eating coconut flour or maple/agave syrup cakes. If you want, you can try with raw cane sugar first and then gradually start using the sugar substitutes.

However, do not use aspartame as it has so many side effects that you might better use the sugar itself! I have been cooking “sugar free” for about 20 years now and I know well enough how to play around with different substitutes. The best ones are maple syrup and sometimes honey or grape molasses (which is not known enough in the western world).

So if you want to play around with recipe like I did, here are some suggestions:

  1. Raw Cacao: The unprocessed cacao is a bit different then the ones we are used to, less sweet and more sour. It is not bad, but different! You can give it a try, as it is more nutritional then the processed one. First time I did with raw and second time I used normal cacao powder, Cailler’S NO SUGAR one. You can order from here, if you are living around Geneva.

  2. I used both almond milk and regular cow milk, both are delicious! If you want to try homemade almond milk, here is my recipe in Turkish, and another recipe in English. It is highly alkaline and has lots of other benefits for your body!

  1. For the vegan butter, I used Coconut butter/oil, which you can find in supermarkets or the bio ones like this one. This is a taste that took some time to get used to! So you may want to try half butter, half coconut butter if you need some time to get used like me!

  2. Instead of agave syrup, I used maple syrup-which is a better option, more natural and less GI. I also added pekmez (grape molasses), which you can find in Middle Eastern stores. In Switzerland they make vin cuit, which is another version made with pear and it is delicious!

So here we are with a delicious, wet, mousse-truffle like cake, not the usual taste but to me and my friends, it is yummy!

One challenge for me is my 7 year old son, who did not enjoy this cake as much as I did but I am on a journey and will find a way to satisfy this little gourmet one day! Work-in-process for a healthy and gourmet life and love this way so much!

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