A FitGourmet Menu!

Where to start your healthier living efforts? Menu Planning!

Yes, it is! If you can just spare 20 minute on each week, and start shopping and cooking accordingly, that will be a great start for a healthier nutrition!

Shop Wiser!

When you can plan your week’s meals, first of all you will shop and stock much wiser! You don’t have to buy unnecessary stuff but really focus on your menu.

Stocking day!

Then having stocked the right items, if you can spare half a day like Sunday afternoons for cooking and freezing some items like pulses, chicken, soups..then your life will be much easier during the week.

Try New Recipes

It also helps you to try new recipes since you can plan and stock the ingredients which is usually the barrier for trial. Take a nice cookbook from your library or surf around the web, especially check Pinterest, check my blog and choose 1-2 recipes that you can try in the coming week and put the ingredients in your list, that is it

After a few weeks, you get much more practical and start making use of previous weeks, but always try to add 1-2 new recipes each week to keep up the spice!

I hope this helps you to start or continue to have a healthy and delicious, fit and gourmet meals everyday!

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