Day 1, Breakfast Detox Smoothie – 10 Day Detox of Mark Hyman

Spring is such a magical season, makes you really wake up and renew yourself ! Or not?? Are you feeling energized or more tired than ever? Are you getting enough sleep or hardly can get out of the bed?

Well, fatigue is the “epic” syndrome these days! And actually it is a sign! It is a sign that your body is lacking something or maybe lots of things! You probably know what that is!

That’s also another reason why I started my 10 Day Detox Program as well: “ To give a break and to change certain things in my life”. As a health coach, I am already taking good care of my nutrition and lifestyle-most of the time. There is this 80-20% rule, where you really pay attention to your eating and living habits 80% of the time and enjoy and let it go for the 20% on occasions like holidays, celebrations, etc. Even in that 20%, as you become “addicted” to healthy life, you don’t indulge yourself with sugar and caffeine baths!

So, breaking the habits for 10 days, started today and one big taboo is broken already!! I love eating my whole wheat bread with feta or cottage cheese, egg, cucumbers-tomatoes-parsleys…or a warm homemade porridge with nuts & seeds & fruits- as they are and not smashed into a liquidish drink!!

But, why not trying something else? Maybe I will like it more?? Maybe not? We’ll see!

Here we go with the first day of 10 Day Detox, started colorfully and really fun, trying to make the famous Dr. Mark Hyman Breakfast Smoothie!

I will not give the recipe here as you can find the original one in his website here. Basically, you mix frozen berries, good fats like nuts like walnut, brazil nuts, seeds like chia, hemp, flax, pumpkin and avocado, almond butter, coconut butter with some water and unsweetened almond milk. I added cinnamon as well and no banana! I made my almond milk 2 days ago, by just soaking almonds overnight and then draining the liquid! Here is a nice video that shows how!

I liked the taste and it really filled me up! With that much of good “fats” I think it should be!!

The daily routine for a typical detox day, in summary is like this:

  • After waking up about an hour earlier than usual, I measured myself (weigh and/or do more detailed measurements if you want) and record them to a Detox Journal.

  • 30min exercise, yoga & stretching.

  • I took the fiber like PGX which I don’t’ have but replaced it with psyllium, 1 spoon with 2 glasses of water

  • I made and drank my Breakfast Smoothie !

  • You can get supplements if you want or if your doctor already prescribed. I only had krill oil and multivitamin today as I need to do some supplement shopping!!

  • This is a big topic and everyone has their own opinion on it. Here is what Dr.Mark Hyman suggests, I am going to choose the ones that I need for me as I had my blood test recently and I know what is missing and cannot be replaced easily during a detox period.

  • Yours would be completely different so ask your doctor and listen to your body, check the symptoms like fatigue, chipping nails, weak hairs, aching joints, inflammation, back pain…etc

  • I had a snack – handful of nuts (10-12) and my herbal tea with it! Having no coffee this morning was weird but I did not crave as much!

  • Lunch will be a rich salad and grilled chicken for me

  • Afternoon snack, veggies and dips

  • Dinner, will be a new recipe, Coconut curry with fish!! I played around with it a little bit but it was delicious!!

*It is also suggested to take a relaxing bath, “Take Five Breath” breaks, media fasting (oh la la la!!) and finally journaling the day of how you felt, what you ate, how did it go, etc. This is a key to success in every “diet” or “change in nutrition plan” so don’t skip it!

You can find more details in here.

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