Salmon & Tartare & Cucumber Wraps

How about a nice tapas-sushi kind of smoked salmon, little bites of super gourmet taste, to be made in just 10 minutes? Sounds good? Then lets get on with it!

  • You need about 10 slices of smoked salmon, I bought them from Manor in Geneva, their “Fait a la maison” style, fresh and already spiced.

  • The tartare sauce cheese, spiced with herbs and garlic, I used the one below

  • 1/3 cup of crushed walnuts

  • Olive oil, 2-3 table spoons

  • Black pepper

  • 1 Cucumber

  • Half a lime juice


  • Mix the tartare sauce with crushed walnuts, olive oil and black pepper. Add just a few drops of lime or lemon juice. Mix well to have consistency that can be easily spread over salmon slices. If it is too thick it would damage the slices. If it is too thin it may not be easy to eat! So just in between (a bit like a soft cream cheese).

  • Spread this over salmon slices and add a very thinly sliced cucumber, just one, like in a sushi, maybe even finer.

  • Roll and make a small wrap and cut them in 2-3 pieces.

  • Place them in the dish and drizzle just a few drops of lime/lemon again.

  • Enjoy it as a starter or as tapas only table! In our case, it went great with Turkish Raki, a drink like pastis with aniseed, or like my guests did a glass of white wine!

And yes, healthy living allows these treats every now and then, as long as you know your portions and get moving before and after! What else could be add inside of this you think? Avocado maybe? Please tell me more:)

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