Family Weekly Menu, October 16 Week With Keto Lunch Ideas for the Mom!

Last week I had to change the program as I had unplanned outings!! So life happens in different ways and when your freezer have some ready meals, that saves the life! I have usually the homemade meatballs in the freezer and adding a nice pasta with salad becomes a quick family dinner.

Here is next week's plans:

- Sunday: Chicken and Dried Tomato pasta from Momables, one of my favourite website for family meals ideas. This recipe has become my sons' one of favourite dishes of all times! And sometimes I make a zoodle and add the chicken part of this recipe to my zucchini noodles! I am having the remaining of my healthy coleslaw salad from yesterday!

- Monday: Same as Sunday! I don't want to cook on Mondays as it is already a busy day! I'll just make a quick mixed salad of spinach, rocket and lettuce with toasted almonds. 

- Tuesday: Mixed Seafood Noodle (and Zoodle for me with Zucchini) with Mushrooms and Peppers and Green Salad. For Lunch I will try the Baked Broccoli Fritters with Avocado Dip from Hemsley and Hemsley

- Wednesday: Whole30 Hearty Vegetable Soup, Grilled Lamb chops, Oven Baked Cabbage Slices and green salad with walnuts, yogurt+mustard sauce. 

- Thursday: Fish and Chips -homemade healthy version (I will use almond meal and sesame for the fish batter)  with rocket salad. I might add my favourite cauliflower rice with almonds, too!

- Friday: We will be off to Lisbon (yay! Any suggestions for vegetarian or healthy restaurants are more then welcome) but you can try the Mexican Night, the one we could not do last week:))

Or you can try my zucchini base pizza recipe here.

- Saturday:  Eating Out night! 

- Sunday: Turkish Style Dried White Beans and Rice Pilav, Pickles. I'll make a chicken and vegetable soup for myself. 

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