How can you disconnect to connect?

This is the era of connection and disconnection at the same time!

We are far more connected "online" yet it is so much more difficult to connect to your inner world-hearts-souls. In our daily lives, we are  bombarded with messages, news, to do lists and so, it is not easy to stay connected with what you truly want, love, need and desire. 

And now that we are coming to the busiest time of the year, most of us already started feeling even more overwhelmed with heavy schedules.

Among all these, I do hope you spare some time for yourself, to relax, let go and connect to your inner world, even if it is for 5 minutes a day.

I don't want to talk about new year resolutions as I am a believer that everyday is an opportunity to make new beginnings, to start a new habits and change the ones that does not serve you anymore.

I had the opportunity to give a break some weeks ago in Goa, India and learned Yoga Nidra, a process of relaxation. A technique to show us how letting go on a physical and emotional level allows us to dive into those areas within us that remain unexplored.  And thanks to this deep relaxation, you can get connected with your inner desires, manifest them and work towards realising them. 

Here in this article, you can find some more details about my journey in Goa and Yoga Nidra. In the last years, I have been creating my own little retreat, everyday, on my yoga mat. Waking up about 1 hour earlier, meditating, breathing, journaling, yoga or yoga nidra has been my connection time. 

And most of you know me, I am one of those phone addicts, very much attached to taking pictures, checking my Instagram, Whatsup and emails, spending a lot of time online.

I am doing my best to decrease it and the way that works for me is to increase the "offline" time by investing more time with connectionto better part of me, reading, walking in nature, spending time with family, friends, face-to-face, yoga, meditation, cooking...everything else I love in life.  

So here is my resolution, sankalpa as we say in yoga language, is to stay connected, mindful, aware and awake, as much as I can.

I hope I added a little motivation and inspiration to your life with this message. 

And now below, you can find some other opportunities where maybe I can help you to experience these moments of relaxation and connection. 


I am starting to share in my newsletters a list of things that inspire me lately. You can find it at the end of this post. 


Commit to get on your mat everyday for 5 minutes, breathe, stretch and review your intentions.

If you are living close by, I have integrated Yoga Nidra to my weekly Yoga Classes in Chambesy and in Geneva at Insens. You can check the schedule below and join us. 

If you are not living here, try the Apps and Youtube videos free and available online. Here is my dear teacher Manoj Bhanot's Youtube video for a short Yoga Nidra. 


Wherever you are, come and join our retreat next year!

The retreat in last June was simply magical again and you can save the date in your agendas for next year, on the weekend of World Yoga Day, 19-21 June 2020, same place, I call the Swiss Bliss corner, Hotel Balance! This year we have more surprises like yoga nidra and reaching your dreams! More information is here.


My dear teacher, founder of Yogalife is coming to our town for a weekend between 31st of January-2nd of February. Don't miss his lectures and classes which are always inspirational and chance to start a transformation in your life. He will guide you through Yoga Nidra, Antastha, Yoga philosophy for how to find and pursue your life goal, how the mind works and how you can take charge of it.

All details and other registrations are below.

I know I have been missing to share new recipes and this is my other sankapla! I will come back with new and inspirational recipes and workshops in the new year, Thanks for being patient with me.

Looking forward to seeing you at one of these events or online!

Big Hugs and Love,

 Yoga Classes 2019-2020

Here is my 2019-2020 Yoga Schedule

NEW! Mondays (as of January)

18:30-19:30 Hatha Yoga

(Athletic Studio)

Tuesday :​

12:30 -13:30 Hatha/Antastha Gentle Flow


Wednesday :

10:00 -11:15 Vinyasa-Power Yoga


Thursday :

09:15-10:30 Hatha

12:30 -13:30 Vinyasa-Power Yoga


Friday :

09:30 -10:45 Vinyasa-Power Yoga

(Geneva, Insens)

14:15-15:30​ Hatha Gentle Flow


This season we continue working on chakras, combining them with yoga therapy techniques and focus on different body parts. 

We also talk about Ayurveda and how we can benefit from this ancient wisdom to help our wellness. 

Learn More and Book Your Spot

19-21 June 2020

Connection to Core Retreat

Save the date for next year's retreat at Hotel Balance.

This year, it is the weekend of World Yoga Day and Summer Solstice. So get ready for some surprises for this very special time of the year!

Learn More

Yoga Nidra

So happy and honoured to hold that certificate of Yoga Nidra, from my dearest friends and teachers of Yogalife. A journey to India, Goa is always magical and when you add Yoga Nidra to it, then you know what bliss feels like, all over, inside-out!!

You can find more details of this trip and Yoga Nidra in this blog post.

Come and try this technique in one of my yoga classes or book a private session that fits your schedule. 

Sanjeev Bhanot in Geneva

Here is his schedule:

*31.01.2020 Friday 18:30-20:30 @Yoga Moves Nyon:  From Antastha to Yoga Nidra

*01.012.2020 Saturday: 

Morning 10:00am-12:00 pm @Place to be announced soon

Afternoon 14:00-16:30pm @Nyon Yoga Moves - Purushartas 

*02.02.2020 Sunday

Morning  10:00-12:30 @Geneva Swing  Master Class with Sanjeev

and Yoga Teacher Training 2020 Info Session,

Afternoon 15:00-17:30 @Yoga Flame: The Mind through the lens of Yoga, Antastha Kriya, 

More details will be soon on the Yogalife Website!

You can register with me or with the related studio above. Simply reply on this email.  


Here is a list of things that inspire me these days

-This book called Pir-i Lezzet in Turkish and The Pasha of Cuisine in English, a very inspirational book about a chef during Ottomon Empire Time, a fantastic story of him being the gourmand of gourmets of his time and a very captivating love story while following his dharma -life purpose. Travel through time mesmerised me and amazing tastes from that region, inspired me to create new recipes these days!

- I have finished Deepak Chopra's The Path to Empowerment 21 day mediation series and loved it as much as the 21 Day Abundance meditation challenge. A great way to start or restart a mediation routine with some insight to ancient wisdom. 

-I also listen to Deepak Chopra's podcast series on Spotify, Infinite Potential and find it again so inspirational! Here is the link to all of his podcasts!

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