November Newsletter!

Season of Transformation & Challenge

Hey Beautiful Friend!

Autumn, with its stunning colours and energy of change and transformation, has always been difficult for me - feeling exhausted and mentally tired. In Ayurveda, it’s the season of Vata which is characterised by the element of air and brings us wind with cold temperatures and can make us feel a bit scattered.

This year, I’ve been taking action so I could stay grounded and vibrant during this season. Here are the things I’ve added to my life and that brought the biggest change that I’d like to share with you: - Surfing on the back to school energy, I created a small "Transformation Curriculum" with workshops, trainings and coaching sessions that are helping me go beyond my limitations and unleash my potential. All details are below.

- Ayurvedic Detox to give a break to my digestive system. Cutting down caffeine, alcohol, sugar, dairy, gluten, and eating mostly cooked and warm foods with spices helped me gain my energy back. Find more details about my detox here and an interview I did on Ayurveda and its benefits with Laura Plumb - watch it here. There is a discount code for her training at the end of this newsletter if you’d like to dive deeper into Ayurveda. - Planning my meals and discovering new recipes. You can find these meal plans on my blog and more recipe ideas here. - Back to a daily routine of meditation, yoga, walks, and weekly workouts with an expert coach Julie. I’m also working on my sleeping habits as this has been a big challenge in recent years. I would love to hear from you - your ideas and plans for staying consistent with your wellness goals.

Yoga for Changing Women

I am teaching more online yoga classes this year and the focus is on changing WOMEN over 40 years old.

Women in their forties, like me, go through hormonal changes and need more energy, relaxation and strength to go through the pre-menopause and menopause side-effects. I tailor my classes to help and support them, as I am going through the exact same stages and yoga has been helping so much. The class details are below.

New! Youtube & Instagram

I've been working on quality content that will help your well-being. From tips to heal lower back pain to full length of online yoga classes, there is something for everybody on my social media accounts.

Are you interested in healthy and gourmet cooking?

Have you heard of Ayurveda, its benefits on digestion and well-being?

Please check-out my latest posts on Instagram for healthy & delicious cooking tips!

All of them are free for you!

Big News Coming Up!

Save the date for something big coming. Two of my amazing colleagues and I are working on a very exciting project! I’ll share more details next month but for now get ready for some life-changing series of trainings, workshops, all online, on one platform, from the comfort of your home. Stay tuned!

Read more below for Live Online Classes and Interesting Online Courses.

Keep up your spirit, stay calm, and stay safe.

Big Hugs and Love!

More Online Live Yoga Classes

(Affordable Prices!)

Here we are again, back to Online life for a while. But hey! We now know how to use Zoom and all the things that were strange for us before Covid! We built a nice community, without borders and masks on our Zoom Classes.

A Transformation Curriculum Guide


I highly recommend all of these trainings and coaching sessions as they’ve helped me to transform and expand my knowledge and well-being.

- Compassionate Communication. I’m working with my retreat partner, Mironel De Wilde, who is an expert and coach with so much experience and knowledge on acceptance and transformation of difficult emotions.

- I joined a coaching group from Anne MacNabb in her Precision Nutrition Program, on changing and forming lasting habits for a healthier lifestyle. My focus is on sleep and portion control.

- I am doing a course with Denise Yogaco called Movement Template where I am learning about anatomy and movement.

Making yoga more effective by doing the practice with better engagement techniques is making a difference.

- I did a Mountain One-Day Retreat with Marisa, to recenter myself, working on my vision and goals with practices like breathwork, visualisation, guided embodiment to let go and cultivate more acceptance. I could not believe how much I changed my mindset, felt inspired and motivated again in just one day! Here is the program. She’s offering this retreat and online women circles from her space in the mountains.

- I registered for 2 online courses, one on Yoga Sequencing and another on Online Yoga teaching. With the ongoing changes due to Covid, I realised I needed to upgrade my skills for online teaching. I really enjoyed Lucas Rockwood's training.

- I registered for the online Ayurveda Integrative Nutrition Course from Laura Plumb. I am super excited that I will be able to offer you coaching on Ayurvedic nutrition and detoxes by next spring! If you are interested in this course, Laura is generously offering us a discount until November 15th. Use the code 2021AIN100 for an additional $100 off on her trainings.

- I attended a "Find Your Business Why and Make it Happen" workshop, by Victoria Sardain and Camille where I learned some of the tricks for managing a small business and how to use social media better.

I’ve created a nurturing learning and development space during this beautiful season of transformation. I felt like I am going back to university and choosing just the subjects that I love and have a passion for, which feels aligned.

Do you also feel called to transform and unleash your potential?

Send me a message to keep you on the list for the upcoming new wellbeing online platform.

Let's meet on our wellness journey online!

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