• Sun, Jan 24
    Zoom Yoga
    Yoga for Restore and Release
    A gentle yoga for Restoring the body and mind, releasing the stress with yoga, meditation and breathing techniques
  • Sun, Jan 31
    Zoom Yoga
    Yoga Lab
    Go deeper into our practice, learn the modifications, risks, benefits and relations to chakras of major yoga poses. 45min yoga class followed by 45 min yoga lab.

Your Motivation Pitstop for Healthier Living

Do you need some motivation and inspiration for healthier living? Do you want to learn more about how to change some of your and your family’s habits?

Here are some pictures from my workshops at my and my clients' places:

Previous Workshops

Yoga, Detox Talk and Lunch, Charity Event

February 10, 2019

for Pets In Turkey at Espace Candide, the new shopping center

40 chf

Yoga and Detoxing Lunch for a good cause!

Join us for a relaxing and energising yoga class (open to all levels including complete beginners) and a talk on healthy ways to detox in a very special place, Espace Candide, with healthy salads and juices. 

Price: 40chf per person including yoga, detox talk and detoxing lunch (salad and green juices)

All income will be donated to Pets in Turkey, a group of animal and nature loving people living in Switzerland with close ties to Turkey. Their mission is to help all breeds of cats and dogs in Turkey that are regularly being abandoned in large numbers.

Their Mission is:
- To find loving homes for abandoned pets from Turkey in Switzerland and other European countries by providing the legal and sanitary needs to enter them into the countries all the way to delivering of the pet and following through with their new families.
- To provide financial support in order to curb population on the streets of Turkey by regular neutering and spaying.
- To provide organizations like CESAL support in food supply and veterinary care.

Espace Candide, the new shopping center in Ferney Volataire, is the main sponsor of the event, kindly offering a beautiful spot for yoga and their delicious salads and juices at their new and modern cafe/brasserie. 

Reservation required,

More information about us:

Essential Oils, Benefits and Uses

January 20, 2019

Learn more about essential oils and how to best use them for natural healing for you and your family

15 chf

Interactive presentation by Nadine, Doterra Oils specialist.


15chf per person


Snacks and handouts included


At Chambesy, 10:30-12:30

Soul Vinyasa Yoga Woskhop

March 08, 2019

A Vinyasa Yoga Workshop that touches your soul


Vinyasa is a type of yoga that links movement and breath to attain balance in the mind and body. 


The continuous movement of vinyasa reflects the constant changes in life and the necessity of accepting to achieve balance and completeness.


Meditation in Motion


Meditation is focusing the mind, and vinyasa yoga focusthe mind because it gives you something to focus your mind on. It’s a dynamic meditation. Whether it’s the breath, the movement, the bandhas, or the asanas, there’s a very strong mental component to vinyasa yoga practice. Vinyasa yoga can be instrumental in stabilizing and focusing your entire life.


The difference of Soul Vinyasa


Soul Vinyasa strives to take you farther by asking deeper questions of the soul such as « what do I want, what do I feel and what do I choose? ».  Combining this with healthy breath work, anatomically and functionally correct alignment and movement for the body so beginners, as well as advanced student, can enjoy a class.  


With a signature sequence meant to bring the body in tune with the rhythm of the seasons, the ultimate outcome is a sense of calm and stability and a rediscovery of vitality and well-being.


And here we start the Soul Vinyasa Workshop Series, coming up in 2019, and first one is 


9.03.2019, Saturday,

at 14:30-17:30

at the Yoga de la Fonderie in Carouge,

Join me and Gerlinde for this wonderful vinyasa yoga workshop

Mindful, Organic and Vegeterian Lunch

November 25, 2018

Learn about mindful eating as you enjoy delicious vegeterian food

30 chf

Organic and delicious vegetarian food with creative recipes to inspire you!


A talk on mindful eating and how to apply in daily life in order to stay focused with your wellness



Meeting with like minded people to share ideas on healthier and happier living!



Fit and Gourmet Lunch and Mindful Eating

March 15, 2018

Vegeterian, organic, fresh recipes and the art of Mindful Eating

30 chf

When: 16.03.2018 at 12:30-13:45

Where: Chambesy

Price: 30chf


Join us at our healthy and delicious lunch buffet meeting! Get ready to taste and learn delicious-nutritious new recipes.


This time the topic is Mindfulness and Mindful Eating, a technique which might be better than any other diets!


Fitgourmet Lunch and Healthy Living Planning Gift

January 18, 2018

30 chf


Finally I am back with healthy and delicious lunch buffet meetings! Save the date from now and book your place for tasting and learning new recipes.


I will also explain and gift a monthly meal and healthy life style planning tool box which is part of my upcoming book!!! We'll talk about an ideal plan and meal ideas and how to find solutions for the challenges against healthier living.


Date. 19.01.2018

Time: 12:00-13:30

Place. Chambesy

Price: 30chf



Yoga for Beginners

October 05, 2017

Beginners Hatha Yoga Class

20 chf


Are you new to yoga? Or maybe you gave some break and want to restart yoga? Then this yoga class will help you to learn and remember the basics, breathing-mediation and postures. 

Come to enjoy a nice, well-rounded yoga class. I love teaching to complete beginners or some of you who gave a long break to yoga after trying once or twice and lost some hope for it!

Allow me to take you through the beautiful practice of yoga to relax, stretch and strengthen your body and mind.

Date: Friday, 03.11.2017

Time: 12:15-13:30pm

Price: 20chf

This class will be repeated on the first Friday of every month. 

Fitness Workout and Relaxing Yoga

June 22, 2017


40 chf


45min total body workout with coach @ggghost_


30 min relaxing yoga with me


Celebration with a yummy-healthy smoothie and recipes for post workout



Combination of fitness training with yoga is one of the best techniques for healthier body and mind. In this workshop Coach Greg will share some of his secrets and effective techniques that later you can do on your own as well.


We've been working together for sometime now and I see the benefits on especially core and back muscles as well as arms.


As always ending a training with a good stretch and breathing techniques will help to balance and have lasting effect on health.


Finally complementing this session with a yummy homemade healthy protein shake will give you back the energy-vitamins-minerals and preparing you for the weekend! I'll share the recipes with handouts, too!


Don't miss this opportunity!

Power Yoga and Detox Lunch

May 18, 2017

From 12:30 to 14:30


We will do a detoxing power yoga session and then have a healthy and delicious detoxing lunch!

Essential oils and Detoxing Lunch

March 30, 2017

From 12:30 to 14:00


Would you like to learn more about essential oils, their benefits and how they can help you during spring for a healthier and lighter life sytle?
A short presentation on essential oils will be followed by detoxing lunch and green juices.
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Talking, sharing, discussing, learning so much during these sessions!
We go through some life changing information and make and/or taste new recipes!
Choose your own workshop topics:

Healthy, Happy, Body & Mind for lifetime

Healthy Snacking and Lunch boxes


Detox 101 and Smoothies

Sugar Addiction, replacing sugar and over coming the cravings


Sustainable Weight Loss Tips,


For students: Your Road to Health


just send me a message to


I can inform you whenever the nearest one or if you think your friends would be interested, I can give these workshops at your home, office or my place depending on the numbers!


The cost is between 25-35chf per person, depending on the number of person.


I am doing it for free for schools so if you think you want me to do Healthy Snacking and Lunchboxes workshop, at your schools to parents, or “Your Road To health” presentation to Year 6-7-8 kids, or “Nutrition Detectives” presentation to Year 3 kids, I would love to share my information with you!

What others say about my workshops?

Here is some feedback from the previous workshop attendees:

“Hi, Ceylan.

Thank you so much for teaching us so much about healthy food today. I was shocked to find out about many things and my shopping pattern will be very different from now on. Managed to tell my 7 year old son what you taught us today and he is very keen to watch The Sugar Film this weekend!”


“It was great and yes i am very motivated too!!! Only one cup of coffee so far today And I showed the video of the boys teeth to my kids and the utube video of sugar in our breakfast – I should have recorded his reaction ”


“What a great session that was yesterday!!! I feel so motivated all over again!! A huge thank you to Ceylan for everything and to everyone else too for coming over”


“Thank you Ceylan for a very educational and entertaining morning. My children are very unhappy with me as I’ve emptied all the rubbish from the kitchen cupboard!”

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