Connection to Core

Detox Body, Mind & Spirit Retreat  

Swiss Alps

9-11 October 2020

Participant comments from previous retreats :

A super relaxing and resourcing weekend in the beautiful scenic area of Les Granges in Switzerland.  Led expertly by Mironel and Ceylan with yoga and mediation, insightful talks on Non-violent communication and on mindful eating.  A great experience with a great group of people! Caroline 

Everything and everyone and every moments! I decided my first yoga retreat to strengthen my body (yoga and healthy organic food). Surpringly I gained so much more strength in mind also through mindfulness and non-violent communication and conversation with others. On top, I now have so many great friends! Do we need more in life??!!! Tina

The 3-day week-end in Les Granges with Ceylan and Mironel was everything I needed and was hoping for (and more). They both have so much to offer and I felt so lucky to get to spend an entire weekend with them.


Ceylan has extensive knowledge in nutrition and taught us about mindful eating. She gave us practical and concrete tips and tricks to eat more mindfully and I am happy to report that I am still implementing every day the advice she gave us.


Mironel shared his knowledge and expertise on non-violent communication. It was the perfect after-dinner activity, just chatting about this interesting topic around the pool on a warm evening. Of course the yoga lessons in the morning and in the evening were absolutely wonderful.


I went to the retreat with my boyfriend who is a beginner at yoga and Ceylan and Mironel took such good care of him - making sure that he was able to keep up during yoga and providing him with all the necessary props and adjustments to make his experience just as enjoyable.


He truly appreciated that. I would recommend this retreat to anyone who is looking to spend a nice weekend in nature, to recharge the batteries, relax, eat delicious food, practice yoga, and connect with like-minded people. Victoria

This long weekend retreat will focus on essentials, purifying and connecting with our core. Our physical core is the strength of our body that maintains our posture, supports the vital organs and the spine. We will also go into the core of our being through guided meditation and practices that connect with our essential values. All this in the outstanding beauty of the alps in mid-summer. Join us for a healthy, invigorating and inspiring weekend!


Le Granges is 1h40min drive from Geneva Center and Hotel Balance is a Bio hotel for more than 20 years of experience and famous for its delicious vegetarian food. More information about the hotel, its beautiful surroundings and "bio pool" are here .


Ceylan Ayik

Yoga Teacher & Nutrition Healthy Living Coach

Ceylan is a 500hour Yoga Alliance Certified Advanced teacher and a Yoga Teacher Trainer. 


She has done trainings in India and Switzerland on anatomy, spiritual and mind works of yoga philosophy. She is also a certified Antastha Yoga teacher, a unique style using blindfolds during the yoga practice, allowing the students to explore a much deeper experience in yoga. 


Ceylan is a certified health coach and gives workshops on healthier living, cooking and shares her nutritious and delicious recipes, tips and ideas for a gourmet, fit and healthy life. 

Mironel De Wilde

Yoga teacher and Non-Violent Communication trainer

Mironel de Wilde is a yoga teacher and Non-Violent Communication trainer who is half Canadian and half European. At an early age he connected with Tibetan Buddhist teachings and Native Canadian shamanic practices which opened the world of spiritual discovery to him.


He traveled to India in 2001 where he found the Mahasiddha tantra yoga teachings and he started teaching in 2004. His yoga path and teaching include a gentle, deep style of hatha yoga, the integrating, energy-based approach of Tantra and the esoteric philosophy and practice of Kashmir Shaivism.

When Mironel encountered Non-Violent Communication (NVC), it opened a new world of self-understanding and acceptance for him. It has become a way to cultivate deep compassion and self-compassion which he loves to share. His focus is on offering tools and inspiration for self-growth to support deep connection with ourselves and each other so that we can live in full authenticity. He also makes films as an expression of his discoveries and learning on the Path.

More details about Mironel can be found here.

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Details of the Weekend Programme

From Friday to Sunday

This time we are offering a detox program before the retreat together. 

This is just an offering and not compulsory for the retreat weekend. If you would like to join us with the detox, we offer the following:

    • A Zoom Online Meeting for discussing the detox details (on the 17.09.2020 Thursday evening at 20:30 pm), guidance for the next 3 weeks until the retreat

    • A second zoom meeting in 10 days to check in with you how you are doing and answering your questions


    • A Facebook Page or WhatsApp group, closed for your group only to share our experience, questions, recipes, and ideas.

Then the retreat will be our reward for a 3 weeks detox and we can enjoy the delicious, organic, vegetarian food together. Of course you can keep on detoxing there, it is all up to your choice.

Weekend Program

Arrive at your leisure on Friday afternoon and ease yourself into the weekend with meditation and relaxing yoga class followed by dinner and a debriefing on the wonderful delights that await you during your stay. 

Decide if you would like to take the 2 or 3-day option - scroll down for full menu and early-bird options!

Friday  - Arrival Day 

17:00 Arrival as of afternoon

18:00-19:20 Meditation and Relaxing yoga class

19:30 Dinner

A short talk on the weekends' programme and Yoga Nidra

Saturday  - Day 1

07:30-07:45 Meditation


07:45-08:45 Energising Power Yoga Class


09:00-10:00 Breakfast

11:00-13:00 Hiking, Meditation in Nature and Picnic​

Afternoon Freetime (optional walks & hikes around the hotel)

17:30-19:00 Meditation and Relaxing Yoga Class


19:15 Dinner

Open Talk on Yoga & Life and Introduction to Compassionate communication

Sunday  - Day 2

07:30-07:45 Meditation

07:45-08:45 Energising Power Yoga Class

09:00-10:00 Mindful Breakfast

10:30-12:45  A Talk and Exercises on Compassionate Communication

13.00 Lunch

Afternoon 2 Options:

Leave as of the afternoon




Stay One More Day:

Sunday Afternoon - Free time

17:00-19:00 Meditation and Relaxing

Yoga Class or NVC Practice

19:15 Dinner

Monday - Extra Day

07:30-07:45 Meditation

07:45-08:45 Energising Power Yoga Class

09:00 -10:00 Breakfast

11:00-14:00 Hike, Meditation in Nature and picnic

Afternoon Leave

What is Included?


  • Yoga, hikes, meditation classes and Mindfulness Talk

  • Full board for two days - ALL our products are organic or DEMETER and vegetarian

    • Large breakfast buffet with home-made bread, homemade jam, cow's milk, soy, rice, gluten-free porridge, miso soup etc.

    • midday: soup / salad buffet / hot plate (s)

    • evening: soup / starter / salad buffet / hot dishes / dessert

    • (you can also choose to have dessert in the afternoon during the break)

  • Training room of 72m2 or 140m2 underfloor heating, with equipment of zafus, blankets, yoga mattresses, stereo ...

  • Cafeteria: participants can use herbal teas / coffee during free breaks, beautiful place to "BE"

  • Library - w-lan, books, the place that has the same charm 120 years ago

  • Large garden with natural swimming pool, deck chairs, medicinal garden, large trampoline, space ...

  • Free service to pick up customers at Les Marecottes train station

  • Car park

  • And above all-benevolent and open atmosphere


prices 2 nights per person
Early Bird discount %10 until August 2020


Fr. 614

Single with shower/WC


Fr. 537 

Double with shower/WC

(per person) 


Fr. 537

Single with shower/WC on the floor


Fr. 482

Triple WITH shower/WC or double without shower WC

(per person)

Prices 3 nights per person
Early Bird Discount 10% until August  2020


Fr. 814

Single with shower/WC


Fr. 715

Double with shower/WC

(per person) 


Fr. 715

Single with shower/WC on the floor


Fr. 638

Double with shower/WC on the floor or triple with shower/WC

(per person)


More Feedback from our guests:

"Are you thinking about “maybe trying that Yoga thing everyone is raving about”? A year ago, my husband gave me an appointment with Ceylan as a gift. I have never looked back. Ceylan will celebrate where you are while gently guiding you how to go further. I appreciate that she keeps a vigilant eye on any physical issue you might have (Backache anyone? Knee problem? Fatigue?). As she says, “You are exactly where you are supposed to be”. Ceylan is a beautiful person inside and out. We can only give what we have, and Ceylan has a lot of knowledge, warmth and enthusiasm.


When I have considered Yoga in the past, I was put off by pictures and videos of people in perfect shape seemingly devoting their lives to perfectly flat abs. I could not relate. I wanted a moment for me, get back in shape a little, and time to relax my busy mind.


I am just back from a retreat with Ceylan. Watching her giving the classes I was struck by how her inner beauty, the complexity of the postures she can do, and the friendly energy of the class, all came together. I might never be able to reach my feet, but then again, I am right where I am supposed to be, in a place of joy with Yoga!"

Johanna Mulvaney Malmberg

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Ceylan is a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach!

Geneva, Switzerland

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