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Menopause Coaching

1-1 Private Program

Menopause is a natural and very important transition in a woman’s life, starting as early as the 40s and lasts around 8-10 years.

In most western countries, the average age of menopause begins around the mid-40’s (called peri-menopause) and ends when women haven’t had a period for a year or more (called
post-menopause). In many societies, women reach postmenopause around their mid-50’s.

No matter  at which stage you are, there are natural ways to ease the symptoms with the change of some lifestyle habits. I did it for myself and my clients, and seen the wonderful results with happier and healthier body, mind and spirit. 

Prices start from 240 chf

Have you started peri-menopause ?

Sometimes the symptoms are confused by other conditions and women may not realize that they have already started the perimenopause.

This is what happened to me in my early 40s and I struggled a lot at first, until I understood what was happening and started to take action accordingly.  Thanks to the lifestyle changes I made, I lost weight, gained energy, improved digestion, skin, mood and hot flushes.

Are you having some of these symptoms:

  • Hot flushes, 
  • Anxiety, 
  • Sore joints, 
  • Weight gain, 
  • depression 
  • Insomnia
  • Irregular periods
  • Mood changes
  • Low Energy

A program to help you have a healthy and happy Menopause Transition

I created a unique program that combines my trainings in Menopause management (MyMenopause Transformation Coaching and Menopause Yoga), Yoga and Ayurveda. Working with me and going through this program, you will:

  • Make powerful lifestyle changes  to adjust to your new hormonal environment so that you can reduce your symptoms, lose weight and set yourself up to age healthily post-menopause. 
  • Get help, knowledge and support to get through this important life stage
  • Feel lighter, stronger, more peaceful, confident and happier

Start transforming your life!


  • Weekly live meetings (and recorded) on Mondays
  • Weekly topics & goals
  • Follow-up, daily check in through Whatsapp group
  • Private Facebook Page 
  • Emails to remind
  • Website and Mobile App with all content
  • There is an initial consultation (online or in person) where we asses your conditions and identify first priorities for lifestyle changes
  • Follow-up meetings will be according to your choice of the packages
  • Whatsapp support for Q&A during the program
  • Handouts, links to useful videos, meditation and yoga recordings

2 Sessions Starters Package

chf 240
  • Initial consultation and 1 follow-up session
  • Recommended for women who has mild symptoms and needs a short and sweet support
  • Free 7 Days Trial. Cancel Anytime

6 Sessions Package

chf 660
  • Initial conclusion and 5 sessions over a period of 2 months
  • Recommended for women who has some disturbing symptoms and needs a support for a shorter period of time
  • Free 7 Days Trial. Cancel Anytime

12 Sessions Transformation Package

chf 1200
  • Initial conclusion and 11 sessions over a period of 4 months
  • Recommended for women who have most symptoms and want to make major changes in her life and needs support to make these changes in habits and daily life.
  • Free 7 Days Trial. Cancel Anytime

Who Can Join?

  • Women who are going through hormonal changes and have some of the symptoms mentioned above
  • Anyone who wants to age healthy and with vitality through natural methods

Join us to unlock the secrets to anti-aging and vibrant health!

Try Menopause Coaching for 7 days risk-free

Embrace your menopause journey with this program. If you would like to experience it before making a decision, join us!

You have the opportunity to explore the program for up to 7 days. If you find it doesn’t resonate with you for any reason, you will receive a full refund.

My Menopause Story and Trainings

As I reach my 50s, and experienced perimenopause symptoms in my early 40s, I became curios about natural methods to manage menopause. I had hot flashes, sleep problems, weight gain, brain fog, neck pain, poor digestion, etc even though I had a healthy lifestyle. 

I applied yoga, Ayurveda and some modern science techniques to manage my symptoms, without the help of hormones. I am not against or pro-hormones, yet I did not need them thanks to all methods I learned and applied. This is a very personal matter and should be first discussed with your doctor. 

I am a certified Menopause Yoga teacher with Petra Coveney, and learned how to balance our hormonal system and help the menopause symptoms with the help of yoga, meditation and other supporting natural methods.

I then studied with Dr.Wendy Sweet, a world leader in Women’s Health and graduated from her MyMT™ Menopause Practitioner Course, to ensure that I can coach with the best advise to make your transition through menopause as healthy and happy as possible. 

Now I combine all these training in nutrition, yoga, Ayurveda and Menopause to support you in your own journey!


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