Aging and Menopause: A Threat or Opportunity?

Why do we not want to age? How can we manage aging and menopause symptome with natural methods?

As women pass the line of 40s and start to approach their 50s, a profound change starts. As the hormones start to shift, syndromes of pre-menopause or even menopause itself starts to kick in as sleepless nights, hot flashes, mood changes, digestive problems, anxiety attacks, increased greys on hair, faster pace of wrinkles and soggy skin and eventually the start of irregularities in the monthly periods. 

I just hope that both men and women are reading these lines to have a better understanding of what goes on in their partner’s bodies.

menopause symptome
menopause symptome


Somehow the universal culture of aging is about denial rather than acceptance! The whole industry of hair colours, supplements, skin care, botox-fillings, fitness, pilates, even yoga encourages you to stay younger. They rely on the fact you will want to stay and look younger and therefore spend money on these.

I don’t how we came to this point, maybe one of you can help me understand the historical sociological explanation behind this. Maybe we were always like this, triggered with the fear of death, denying the fact that we are moving towards it. 

On the other hand, I do feel good about having a strong and fit body, a bright skin, shiny hair and a light spirit to jump up and down when I am happy! I do not like boundaries like age, sex, religion, race, country…Maybe I have a “naturally antidiscriminative mind” and so rebel this discrimination. 

Menopause Symptomes

Coming back to menopause, these days as my body deals with decreasing female hormones, which are made to give us good mood-sleep-sex-digestion-skin-hair, some part of me rebels to this “unfair” situation and search for an answer, a solution.

Do you feel the same? Maybe you are a man and observing this change in your wife, sister or friend. I think the most unfair part is the fact that men go through this process much slower and so don’t feel the same symptoms, agghhh, beauty of being a woman -again!

In order to ease this process, like many other women, I reached out and used different options, like Ayurveda, yoga, meditation, and supplements. I also learned about the natural hormone therapy, finally found and spoke with a very experienced doctor about it (my own gyno in Switzerland had no clue about what to do with peri-menopause symptoms). I was almost convinced that this is a good idea. 

Everybody is different, so please do not take these words as advice. These are my own thoughts and experiences. Speak to your doctor, if he/she is willing to sit down and help you with an objective perspective.

reduce menopause symptomes
reduce menopause symptome

An Alternative Look on Menopause

Here is my conclusion now, today. Menopause is a natural process, it is meant to protect us from giving birth at a later stage in our life and so our body decreases these sex hormones. And so, with this decrease we feel a big change in our bodies and minds and even spirits. We question life, beauty, vibrancy and of course we want to stay like that! 

All of these menopause symptoms I mentioned above have a solution from the natural and alternative methods like better nutrition, meditation, yoga, exercise, self-care. 

Yes, they take time and discipline, much more than swallowing a tablet, having botox injections or putting a progesterone cream.These modern medicine practices are fine, too but we must accept that they are not natural. And unless someone needs it for health reasons, they are not necessary for healthy aging -if this is your purpose! 

And it is my purpose to stay healthy, happy, energetic and share this energy with my loved ones and students/clients. Remembering this purpose and understanding that these symptoms are just a phase and can be managed with natural methods, creates a aha-moment for me!

How to Reduce Menopause Symptomes?

So, I am back to and reassured for what I started doing 3 years ago to reduce menopause symptome;

  • Apply Ayurvedic nutrition and lifestyle, which enables me to have better digestion, sleep, mood, energy
  • Continue doing yoga, meditation and workouts
  • Walk / hike or just be in nature
  • Keep on learning, studying more about health, nutrition, yoga, spirituality and life and share with others

If You Need Help, I am Here

I am even more convinced now that my Zenfitgourmet Holistic Coaching Program is for women like me, who want to learn how to manage this change with natural methods and keep these great habits for life. It gets much easier to follow these methods when you learn and apply with a group of like minded women, guided by someone who has been there and done that!

zenfitgourmet holistic coaching program

So, take a look at the program and let me know if it speaks to you, if it gives a calling to transform yourself with my and other women’s helping hand. Together we are stronger!

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