8 Winter Wellness Tips & Daily Routine for Winter

Here comes the cozy time of the year, cold outside and thick socks, soups, hot drinks and blankets inside! Living by the seasons and staying in harmony with its qualities brings health and longevity. Especially now when we are surrounded with viruses it is even more important to keep the body, mind and spirits strong. Let me share my top winter wellness tips for you!

❄️ In this part of winter it gets cold, dry and rough so we need more warmth and softness through warmer water/tea/soups, spices, oils, and layers of clothes!

However, we need to make sure not to overdo with spices and acidic foods and drinks like pickles, alcohol, onions-garlic, as it would create too much heat trapped in our digestive system which might create too much acidity, heart burn and other digestive and eventually other health problems.

ayurvedic winter wellness tips

Ayurvedic Daily Routine for Winter

A healthy daily routine for winter is key to wellness as every season. In Ayurveda, this is the season of Vata and moving into Kapha. They both require warmth and a gentle fire in the digestive system. This means lighter meals and healing teas. Fresh ginger is a very good friend these days, to be used as tea with lemon and honey or cooking your soups and stews with it. It is your insurance to apply what is needed at that time of the year.

Here is what Ayurveda suggests for a healthy daily routine:

  1. Start your day with warm water and a few drops of lemon or lime juice. Have 2 tbs of aloevera to support alkaline, too. Don’t  start your morning with coffee on empty stomach which creates so much acidity
  2. Try regular abhyangha (oiling-self massage) with warm sesame oil before showers and avoid keeping body too dry
  3. Go for exercises that gives you rejuvenating energy like yoga, brisk walks, easy jogs rather than exhausting ones.
  4. Make cooked warm breakfasts like oatmeals, porridges or simply cooked apples with warming spices (see next) and do not start with cold cereals, dry and hard crackers, frozen smoothies, raw fruits (especially heavy ones like banana)
  5. Use warming spices like cinnamon, clove, cardamom, cumin, nutmeg, oregano, thyme, turneric, black pepper, fresh ginger. However do not over do the “spicy” as it creates too much fire and acidity.
  6. Make your lunch the biggest meal of the day and have light, cooked dinners with vegetable soups and stews. Use ghee or olive oil.
  7. Avoid dinners with heavy, oily, fried and with animal protein and using cooling oils like coconut oil. 
  8. Take it slow like nature. Slow down, rest more and get cozy with a blanket and sweet tea or golden milk! Sleep about 8 hours. Make sure not to exhaust yourself, running around, not sleeping 8 hours

8 Winter Wellness Tips

Winter Wellness Tips

What do you think about the tips above? Do you also feel like these will make you feel better these days? Enjoy this wonderful season and just make sure to be in synchronicity with Mother Nature🤗

If you need a helping hand to go through these transitions and apply the daily routines, join one of my programs like 10 Day Online Ayurvedic Winter Cleanse, or Winter Yoga and Ayurveda Weekend Retreat, or 12 Weeks Online Holistic Coaching Program Zenfitgourmet.

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