Food at Yoga Retreats

Food at the yoga retreats are usually vegetarian since yogic tradition includes “ahimsa-non-harming” principles. In some centers they serve organic, local, “farm-to-table” food, too. 

Usually there is a buffet of selections, freshly made, nourishing, delicious meals.They usually serve breakfast, lunch and dinner and some choose to have only brunch and dinner with some snacks in between. 

Private Chefs

In some small retreats there is a private chef (or 2 chefs), who make these creative, colorful meals, mostly plant based alternatives to nourish your body and soul during your stay. Sometimes they organise cooking workshops and you share what you cook.

Almost all retreat centers support different needs, food intolerances and allergies and they usually ask their clients before they arrive. You can always ask and remind them, the availability of alternatives. Some centers charge extra for these special requirements.

Food at Yoga Retreat

Most centers have vegetarian and vegan options, and some centers and retreats also have animal based meals. Almost all of them have a raw salad and fruits buffet, a separate warm cooked food buffet, desserts and herbal teas. If you are on a special detox program with the retreat group, you might be served according to the guidance of your teacher/organiser. 

If the center is vegan, they might not have cheese, milk, egg and other dairy products. You might want to check their food options before you go and maybe pack yourself your necessary food. However, our suggestion would be to have an open mind and explore new types of diets -unless you have certain health conditions. 

Some centers have coffee and alcohol, as they are also open to regular clients as hotels. You can ask before you go availability of these drinks if they are important for your holiday.

Why Yoga Retreat Menu is Important?

The food in these retreats should be nourishing your body, mind and soul and therefore having light meals in moderation is important. The food becomes your fuel for the beautiful practices and activities you will make throughout your days in the retreat. That’s why a mostly plant based, light and colorful diet will be the best option.

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