Healthy Lifestyle Motivation Tips – What is Your Motivation?

I would like to share with you some success stories from the past year from my wonderful clients, who have worked extremely hard to reach their goals (no names and details and some little changes to story for confidentiality). 

But before I begin, ask yourself these questions, why do I want to change my life, lose weight and get slimmer? What is going to happen when I lose weight?  Have you ever thought about your answers? Maybe take a few minutes to put your thoughts to paper, it will give you clarity and of course I would love to hear them if you would like to share.

Simply saying, ” I want to be slimmer, lose 10kg” is not a goal! Losing weight is a side effect of transforming your life and the start of a journey to where you really want to be. The more you can visualise your whole transformation, name it, describe it, the better your journey and success rate will be.

One of my dear clients, started the program saying, “I want to change my (and my family’s) way of eating – educate ourselves on what we are eating; I want to live and believe that eating healthy will help me to lose weight; I want to get over my cravings, I want to quit smoking; I want to make time for regular exercise and most importantly I want to be a good role model for my daughters”. All of her goals were achieved, however, interestingly, once we started working through the sessions she also realised that she wants to go back to school! So, you could ask, what is the relationship between food and school? But this is exactly how it works!

You start by nourishing one area of your life and the rest follows automatically!

Once you conquer your cravings, take control of eating rather than your eating controlling you and with the help of regular exercise making you stronger and more energetic, you will have the power to do absolutely anything you want to do in this world!

Healthy Lifestyle Motivation Tips

Once your willpower is fired, making it stronger with food and exercise, then you will see that you can conquer any obstacles in life that is put in your way!

So that brave lady lost 11kgs, quit smoking, became a healthy Cooking Chef (one of the best I ever know) and is now helping others to change their lives. AND SO CAN YOU! You just need to find what you want other than the numbers on those pesky weighing scales that will keep you going through the difficult days and not only gets you but keeps on track when life happens.

Another super hero mom,

With 2 little kids, with some weight related and hormonal issues her 1st goal was to run 5k from a point of “no exercise at all”. She aimed at “changing the lifestyle of the whole family” making them more active and her partners in crime! She wanted them all to be inspired by new recipes and ideas, so that all family enjoyed this new way of eating. She wanted to feel healthier, drink more water, look good and one day climb a mountain! So, she achieved her 1st 5k run, she has been cooking and creating so many different recipes that she lost 12kg, she is not only taking care of herself but the whole family. Meanwhile life happened, we are, after all only human, she could not keep up with everything from time to time, but she always jumped back on wagon after every distraction in her life!

That’s one of the reasons why I admire her so much, being able to come back no matter how long and how hard it is!  She is surely on her way to climbing that mountain!

motivation for healhier living
My family

Keep on Walking!

Another brave lady started power yoga and a detox program with me 4 months ago. Trying yoga for the first time in her life and thinking she had no time for sports-at all! A working single mom with kids, that sounds fair- right? However, she said she wanted to feel good inside and out. She wanted to exercise and find out why she was feeling so terrible all the time, weak, bloated and uncomfortable most days. Through the detox, we were able to identify that she is sensitive to gluten and dairy products and by eliminating them from her diet she feels much better! Her energy kicked in and she started walking almost everyday and doing yoga weekly. Ahhhh, and I forget to add…as an added bonus she lost 10kg!!!

I have no time for this!

Really? If this sounds like you then read the next story and decide for yourself! A working mom with a successful career, driving 3 hours per day to and from work and travelling for work every 6 to 8 weeks. Literally no extra time in the day to fit in any form of exercise or any other healthy living habits (such as healthy shopping, cooking, etc).  She hated breakfast and had little time for lunch. She tried many diets but always came back to the same point.  Her goals were to make exercise a routine in her life and to stop snacking after dinner.

She started with exercising on the weekends and found something that  she really enjoyed. She then added long walks. Then she made an effort to eat breakfast and keep her dinners light, changing the routine back to front! It took some months to adapt to this new routine, thinking it will not work form time to time. The she added some more walks during lunchtime and started green juicing some evenings.

Results? More energy, routine exercise, new recipe trials, new ingredients in the house, family members motivated to try these healthy meals and new life style, new bike (that gives her quality time with her son), glowing skin, almost no cravings, helping others to change as she did and motivation to go on like this forever! Oh sorry, I forgot again, she also lost 7kgs!

So, you get the point!

All of these ladies are coming from different backgrounds and countries. All have different life cycles, needs, wants, and problems. However, they all have something in common – by never letting go totally and not giving up and always finding new and creative ways to get over the obstacles life throws our way. It is about changing your lifestyle and changing it forever! And yes, once you reach your goal, you can apply the 90-10% rule (sometimes even 80-20%), meaning, keeping things clean and healthy 90% of the time and enjoying the moment and relaxing with the other 10%.  And of course never returning to those days and days of no exercise at all and continuously feeding yourself with junk food!.

Find your goals beyond numbers!

(Here are my 2/3 partners in crime (my husband is the other 1/3), my greatest motivation to be active and energetic everyday!).

Start a journal, start it today, act now! Write down everyday what you eat and drink, how much you move and how much you sleep. Then one-step at a time, see how you reach your goals and forget about those numbers on the scale!

There is more information in my article “Please Don’t Diet Again” which gives you some more tactics on how and where to start your healthy living. Also my story about transforming my life is here. A must read!

Please share your story with me; I would love to hear what were your goals, how you set them and how you reached them and even more!

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