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I am a forever yoga student and RYT 500 hour Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher and Yoga Teacher Trainer – YACEP. I have done over 700 hours of trainings in India and Switzerland on anatomy, breathing techniques, spiritual and mind studies as well as yoga philosophy. I am a certified Antastha Yoga teacher, a unique style using blindfolds during the yoga practice allowing the students to explore a much deeper experience in yoga.

My yoga classes are a mix of hatha-power and vinyasa styles. I made them especially for women ocer 40 years old, going through some hormonel changes and in need of relaxation and more energy, also getting stronger and lighter through these challenging times of their lives. Classes are open to beginners as well as advanced students.

Send me a message if you want to book a free discovery class from the comfort of your home or here in my studio (after the Covid-19 lockdown).

Ceylan Ayık

How my body, mind and spirit changed thanks to yoga?

I started all this journey since I have herniated disks at my lower back and always had back and neck pain that stops me from being as active as I want to be. I probably hurt myself during my childhood where I was doing rhythmic gymnastics and with 2 births and a very demanding career back in Istanbul, driving about 2-3 hours every day, it got worse and worse!I started yoga in 2009 at an office studio. I immediately loved the practice, physical and emotional relaxation. I continued yoga regularly and when we moved to Switzerland I started doing more. I had so much back pain during those transition years from Istanbul to Geneva. Yoga became my remedy! In 2015 I started my Health Coaching training and during that time I also decided to become a yoga teacher.

Like many people, I started with physical pain but then slowly started to discover how much more peace, relaxation and lightness I feel during and after a yoga class. That is the magic of yoga, as it combines your body-mind and spirit, it reaches to far corners of your being. Even if you are not a spiritual person or not connected to your emotions, yoga works on you, through you, with you.

Now, I still have my back pain from time to time yet I know how to manage and continue my life as active as I want.

Antastha Yoga…close your eyes to wake up

From the Sanskrit name ANTASTHA- “the deepest”, Antastha yoga gradually takes you to that deepest place within yourself. Using the blindfolds during a series of hatha yoga that works on your central nervous system, it encourages you to focus on your inner space, on “pratyahara”, the withdrawal of the senses. Antastha Yoga offers you the maximum therapeutical effects of yoga. It is a privilege and a great responsibility to teach Antastha Yoga, guiding the practitioners on their own journey! On the right you can see some pictures from my Antastha teacher training in India.

Hatha and Antastha Yoga is my Yin part, where I surrender myself to my breath and perfect combination of movements to go deeper into myself and enjoy every moment of inaction and non-thinking, with a complete relaxation inside-out. Vinyasa-Power yoga is my yang part, a dynamic form of yoga where you practice mostly in a flow, sweat more and at the end relax more! I really am so happy to discover this form of yoga as it really fits my character and expectations from a physical practice, that is to be able to sweat, stretch, increase flexibility and muscle strength, improve the breathing capacity.

So finding the right style at right time of your life is very personal and you’d never know if you give it a try! I am a very enthusiastic student in yoga, learning from my clients and my teachers, everyday! I feel stronger, lighter and happier when I finish my yoga practice and I can carry it everywhere I go. I do hope that one day you can also your style and your way of doing yoga and start your personal journey in this.

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