What is New Year Resolution?

Starting new year with new resolutions and intentions is like a tradition. I prefer to use the word “intentions” rather than resolutions, even though they are more or less the same things. If you are wondering what is new year resolution, keep reading!

Daily life can be complicated and it is so easy to get lost in the news and the hactic rhythm of everyday requirements. That is exactly why it is great to sit and think about your intentions and reflect on them, atleast once a year, usually at the start of it. For some of us, our intentions are very clear and easy yet for some of us it maybe confusing or hard to get connected, especially if you are a beginner in this area. I will just repeat my favourite 4 new year intentions again as they have been so powerful for me to stay focused on my journey.

4 New Year Resolution Ideas (Intentions)

So here is some guidance for you to understand what is new year resolution. My 4 all-time favorite intentions that summarizes almost everything are:

  1. Joyful energetic body, 
  2. Loving compassionate heart, 
  3. Reflective, alert and calm mind, 
  4. Lightness of being

I learned these simple yet so powerful intentions from Roger Gabriel at Chopra Meditation and since then they’ve been my mantra. Keep these intentions in your heart, seed them at every meditation time like the most precious seeds into soils of your being.

Think of what you can do about them, too and take some action through meditation, breathing and movement. And when the time comes, watch them manifesting into your life as more love, health, energy, lightness and joy!

For an encyclopaedical explanation, take a look at this link: Wikipedia

How to make your resolutions happen ?

I leave you some questions for each intention to think on as you work on these intentions. The best method is to journal on each of them and keep a record of it on regular basis. Check in with yourself on a weekly or monthly basis and see how far you go!

1. Joyful Energetic Body

  • What type of exercise you love doing? How often you want to exercise this year?
  • What is the most important thing you can do with your diet this year? Like quitting sugar, coffee, red meat, junk food, becoming vegetarian, etc.
  • What is one daily habit you want to integrate into you diet? Like having light soups for dinner or warm porridges for breakfast, eating more vegetables, etc

2. Loving Compassionate Heart

  • What are you grateful for from 2021?
  • What or who can you forgive from our past?
  • Who needs your helping hand these days?
  • Can you let go negative emotions like anger?

3. Reflective Alert Mind

  • What do you do to manage stress everyday?
  • How often you meditate? Can you make it everyday?
  • Are you sleeping 8 hours every night?
  • Are you journaling your emotions, intentions and reflections?

4. Lightness of Being

  • How do you get connected with your higher self?
  • Do you have regular spiritual practice?
  • Are you spending some time in nature regularly?
  • Do you now your purpose in life? Do you follow your purpose? If not, what actions can you take now to start that journey?

What is New Year Resolution & Intentions?

I think the best skill I learned in my recent years is to meditate everyday to keep a space big enough to hold all these intentions, questions and answers among the busy life. This is how I transformed all my life and built a one that I feel much happier.

A regular meditation and yoga lesson will help you to stay connected with these intentions.

We are starting our yoga classes next week and as always we will start from basics, first chakra and move upwards towards higher chakras to bring balance, and to refine our souls and our deep intentions. If you’d like to join us, both online yoga classes and offline yoga classes are ready for you, so that we can still stay connected with our yogis outside of Geneva! Check our details here.

💞Sending you all warm big hugs!

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