My Approach to Nutrition

I am a certified Health Coach, from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. I worked in the biggest international food companies marketing and sales department for 15 years . However, it is not my certification or work experience, my school or all the books I have read on nutrition that created my coaching program!

It is my personal experience and my own journey that made me reach to this point, where now I feel confident enough to help others.

I’ve been through many diets and tried different programs myself starting as early as my teenage years thinking I have to “diet” to lose that last few kilos. From Dukan to calorie counting, from low fat to “cabbage” soup diets, I always lost and then gained back! Especially after my second child, it became far more difficult to reach an “ideal” weight.

Meanwhile I also tried different type of exercises, including tough bootcamps and intensive workouts to gyrotonic, until I found what my body needs and what I really enjoy doing, at this period in my life.

Few years ago, I had a very demanding job, working long hours, driving 2-3hours per day, with a family waiting at home, leaving little time to take care of myself. Yet I did my best to exercise and eat better, carrying my own lunch box and healthy snacks everywhere.

Today, with 2 kids and a husband, with my yoga teachings and health coaching work, my main goal is to have a healthy family, fit for doing any exercise we can and want, eating delicious and nutritious meals and working relentlessly toward our life goals and try to help my community for the same goal.

From breakfast to dinner, snacks to picnics, parties to holidays, we always make sure we enjoy what we eat and get a good nutrition to support our life goals. Our fridge and cupboard is mostly filled with real food, fresh vegetables, fruits, whole grains, mostly organic and natural dairy, loads of nuts and seeds!

80/20 Helps!

We have about a 80/20 rule, trying to stick with healthy meals 80% of the time and then enjoy when we are out and about, on a holiday or on some weekend days. We do enjoy eating real burgers, a worthy pizza, high quality chocolates, ice creams or some traditional sweets, keeping them as occasional as possible! And always coming back to healthy eating routine with the next meal.

You must enjoy life and take good care of your and your beloved ones’ bodies and minds, to have a healthy-happy life for as long as you want! And this starts with your decision now on how you will create these good habits. I am here to guide, help and support you!

So if this sounds close to you, please check my new ZenFitGourmet Coaching Program, where I help my clients to change and improve their habits starting from shopping to pantry remaking, meal planning to cooking delicious and healthy meals for themselves and their families.

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