2 Vaccines and 2 Covids, Is there more?

So it seems like I am a good test for Covid, trying me twice and with no luck! Last April I had my first Covid, caught on holiday in Istanbul, locked down in a hotel’s apart on my own. You can watch and read all details of that interesting experience in my previous posts in April 2021 and beyonyogaacademy blog.


6 months later in September I had two doses of vaccine and that was fine without major side effects.

Then in new year’s holiday, my husband got it very mildly so by the time we realized it is Covid, it was already transferrred to me…

My second version was mild. It Started with dry throat, itchy ears and runny nose. A bit of tiredness but nothing enough to avoid me to sneak into kitchen, cook and bake with my mask when everyone else is sleeping!

I used the same Ayurvedic techniques as before, and had it for 3-4 days and done! All recipes of my meals are on my blog and here on my insta. I will talk more about them in my Winter Wellness webinar next Tuesday evening.

My Post Covid Recovery Tips to Summarize:

⁃ Tongue scraping, oil pulling and nasya nose cleansing 2 times per day
⁃ Warm water with aloevera and lime juice to start
⁃ Ayurvedic winter tea with Ginger and spices, plus honey
⁃ Warm porridges for morning (no milk or dairy as it increases congestion)
⁃ Kitchary for lunch with fresh ginger, powder turmeric, ajwain (another miracle spice of India for anti-inflammation properties) and split mung beans and veggies plus drying cleanses grains
⁃ Soups or turmeric broth of @divyaalter ‘s recipe for dinner
⁃ Sipping hot water all day
⁃ Resting, stretching, roller self massage, meditation, sleeping min 8 hours (Not staying late is crucial for the hormones to kick in and repair)
⁃ Avoid heavy, hard to digest and channel clogging, heavy, sticky, slimy (like peanut or almond butter or tahini), sweets; dairy, avocados, bananas, root veggies, leftovers, cold and cooling foods like raw food and nightshades (tomato, pepper, aubergine, white potato), meat, etc.

When digestion is light, the body uses the energry for repair and rehabilate much faster and easier. So that is why Ayurveda works perfectly in this disease as in many others.

I hope you will not get it once or twice, but if you do, KEEP CALM AND APPLY AYURVEDA. Any questions? I wonder how many of you got it once or twice? How was it for you? What worked well with your recovery? Please share with us in comments…

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