Sacral Chakra

The Sacral Chakra is the second chakra (energy center) located in the sacrum and it is associated with our ability to trust, nurture, and connect. It also helps to empower sexuality and sense of self-empowerment. The Sacral Chakra governs our ability to love, trust and be intimate. It has a strong connection to our reproductive organs and instincts. The word ‘SACRAL’ means ‘sacred place’, which hints at its link with spirituality. People often have sexual intercourse in this chakra which is why it’s called the reproductive chakra. This chakra governs our strong sexual instincts, our desire to procreate, and our need for security.

Balanced Sacral Chakra

When the it is balanced, this means that we have a sense of rightness with ourselves about who we are sexually. We feel connected to our bodies, home and nature through this center. This can translate into feeling grounded and present when we’re connecting intimately with another person.

Imbalanced Sacral Chakra

When it’s imbalanced, we may feel disconnected from ourselves and our bodies or even scared or anxious about what that means for us sexually. Those who are blocked here may feel as if they lack a sense of purpose in life; they may also feel as if they are locked inside themselves and cannot express themselves directly to other people. They may also feel very sensitive about their own body image and unable to accept their own physical beauty.

How to Understand If It is Blocked?

A blocked or weak sacral chakra can lead to impulsive behavior that you regret later on or sexual abuse as an adult if it was neglected earlier in life. If you have ever felt like you were acting out some scenarios for no apparent reason, then it could be something related to this chacra. Being under stress for long period of time can lead to anxiety attacks or even panic attacks especially if you repress your emotions and don’t deal with them rationally.- You end up hiding all your emotions because you’re afraid that someone will

How to Heal?

To clear blockages in sacral chakra, it’s essential to honor your body through mindful self-care practices. Daily yoga, meditation, eating nourishing food that tastes good, getting lots of rest and positive self-image exercises like journaling...

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