Third Eye Chakra

The third eye chakra, also known as the Ajna chakra in Sanskrit, is one of the seven main chakras in yoga. It is located between the eyebrows and represents our connection with our inner self.

Third Eye

The third eye is understood to be connected to our cognitive processes, imagination and clairvoyance. People who have an open connection with their higher self are said to have strong third-eye vision. It connects to the pituitary gland in our brain and also the pineal gland which is located in the center of our brain. Both these glands have a role to play in spiritual development. When they are blocked, people can experience spiritual blindness or low self-esteem. The reasons behind their blockages are varied. But common denominators are fear of rejection, lack of trust, loneliness, unresolved trauma from childhood or struggles with peer pressure.

third eye chakra guide

Healing the Third Eye Chakra

The opening of this chakra enables us see universal or higher-dimensional images and even meet deceased loved ones who have crossed over into another realm. Our third eye is a fulcrum point that balances our physical bodies with other aspects of ourselves.

By training your inner silence, you can start seeing how your mind reacts to different situations. This will give you greater control over your thoughts and emotions as well as a better understanding of yourself (which is an essential part of making positive changes in your life). One major way we accomplish inner silence is through using a chakra called the Third Eye Chakra (also known as Ajna or ‘third eye’).

third eye chakra guide

Blocked Third Eye Chakra

When it’s blocked or not open, we can experience a variety of negative consequences including anxiety, fear and low self-esteem. A blocked third eye can also lead to visual disturbances such as headaches, migraines and photophobia. Blocked third eye chakra can lead us to psychic abilities, enlightenment, and even astral projection.

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