What I Love About Ayurveda?

What I Love About Ayurveda is that fact that it is so simple. It is just about going back to and being in harmony with nature. Understanding the rythm of the nature like the seasons, the times in a day and then eating-drinking-living accordingly. Meanwhile it is also looking inside of you to understand what YOU need, according to your age, mental and emotional conditions, the level of stress, the health of your 5 senses and then seeing how and where do you need the balance in life.

Ayurveda invites us to understand our very own nature as in doshas (vata, pitta, kapha combinations), accept it with love and compassion – without judgements. Then you live according to YOUR nature and not what somebody else tells you to do- and in harmony with the qualities of the nature you live in. Like eating locally grown, organic and seasonal foods which give you the exact qualities you need.

why ayurveda

Balance of Life

Like in summer the need for cooling foods and drinks, avoiding hot, spicy, sour, fermented foods and drinks, overexerction and overexposure to hot sun- especially if you are a pitta person and want to avoid imbalance symptoms like anger, hives, rash, diarrhea. This balance will come from applying the 5 basic elements of the universe, fire, water, space, air and earth and their qualities.

When we feel balanced we reach the best version of ourselves where we are far away from diseases.

Ayurvedic End of Summer Cleanse

I invite you to join me the End of Summer Cleanse webinar to learn more about these concepts, and start applying to clean body, mind and spirit. It is FREE and on 17.09.2022.

We will also go live with the participants of 10 Day Cleanse Program as of 17 September 2022 and you can join us, too!

Ayurvedic Summer Cleanse

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