Please Don’t Diet Again!

There are so many promises around, telling you you can get rid of 5 kgs in 10 days or 10 kgs in 3 weeks, etc. Some of them sound reasonable and you give them a chance, with the hope and promise that you will keep that weight and never go back to where you started!

But then, what happens? Why do you find yourself searching for another diet, one more miracle to take you back? You probably know the answer but dare not to say it out loud! Let me tell it for you and you repeat after me 🙂


Change Your Lifestyle and Habits

I know it sounds scary to some of you because you think this kind of life is boring, dull, restrictive and needing too much effort. But hey, please listen to me, IT IS NOT AT ALL!

You know why? Yes again I think you do and let me remind you again 🙂

First, a healthier life also involves tasting good food, enjoying dinners with friends or comforting yourself with some food!
You just don’t do that everyday and every meal and you don’t eat more then you need. Your way of getting pleasure from life is not only eating excess food but more on the real things around it- like the talks and laughs during a dinner! And once you over do one meal, all you have to do is to go back to your healthier life and maybe try to even it with some extra exercise and some lighter dinners the next day.

So these “cheatings” are not your norm but exceptions and you never allow yourself to say ” all or never”! You keep on your healthy lifestyle no matter how long or how bad you ate and stop judging yourself about not having a strong will! You are much stronger then you think and use these strengths in other parts of your life. All you have to do is to use this strength and willpower to go back to healthier choices.

Second, yes you do avoid some food that sends your insulin levels to sky not only to look sexy but more for your health that you need for the rest of your life!

These “poisons of our era”, mostly and namely the whites (processed food and processed white sugar, flour, rice) do endanger our internal organs and open the gate for many diseases. So say, if you are about in your 40s now, you probably and hopefully have about 40+ years more to live and how do you want these 40+ years to be? Healthy, fit, away from medicines and diseases or the opposite? Think about it again, 40+ years of lifetime!! So restriction is relative term. You might be restricting whites and in return you are freeing yourself from diseases!

Choose A Healthy Lifestyle

And when you choose a healthy lifestyle, you add much more then you crowd out! Yes you do! This is the point when my clients get really shocked, when they see all the delicious alternatives they can eat when they start a healthier lifestyle! Especially when we speak about fats, almost everybody freaks out (like I did couple of years ago) and can not change the mindset established until recently! You can and you must eat healthy fats to loose fat and stay slim, how about that?!

Keeping stress under control and slowing down is one of the keys to healthier lifestyle and slimmer body! So many things to sort out and balance but once you do it, you don’t go back!

There are many factors that create excess weight like your activity level (which is as important as what you put into your mouth), mood, the way and amount you recharge yourself, what’s going on in your relations and your career, amount of water you drink, your digestion and metabolism, etc etc. But if you want to start from somewhere, try to keep 2 things under control: meal timings and carbohydrates.

If you can manage to shift your lifestyle where you start with strong first meal and gradually decrease it by dinner that would be a great help to your metabolism! So here is the healthier lifestyle in a nutshell (though we can talk for hours about importance of many other factors like your background, metabolic rate, amount of oxygen you take, etc etc) :

In and with an active lifestyle, where you recharge yourself regularly and keep stressunder control, if you can focus on a balance of lots of fiber and vitamins from greens and fruits, some high quality and preferable plant based protein and minimum of complex carbohydrates (non white, non processed), healthy fats and lots of water, and keep your cheats as exceptions, spending your time with the ones and things you love and feel and show your gratitude, you will sustain your weight and health forever! And about the “too much effort” part, this is all a matter of planning! If you can spare some time for meal planning, even just in your mind, shop accordingly and keep a stock of healthy food in your kitchen (and preferably kick out the processed packed ones!), life will be much simple and practical for healthier options.

Go and shop for healthier stuff! Nuts, seeds, veggies, olives, greens…fill your kitchen with good nutrition and not the processed poisons! I know that life happens and busy working or stay at home parents have so many challenges but if you think carefully, you can find ways to incorporate at least some of the suggestions above which will give you a good start!

So if you have some energy to start a “diet” please don’t! Instead consider using that energy to start a healthier lifestyle. This way, you will never gain back and keep on enjoying your life – forever!

So please tell me if I am missing a point here or if you feel the same or different then me! I am really curious if this sounds doable for you or if it is far far away from where you are! Send me message here or to my email,, I would love to hear from you!

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