What is Holistic Coaching?

A Holistic Wellness Coach is the one who support you to transform your daily habits to healthier ones for you to reach your wellness goals. This coaching method involves all parts of your life rather than focusing only one area like just nutrition. 

Your coach guides, motivates and supports you in order to establish healthy habits for nutrition, exercise, mindfulness, daily routines including your sleep. This way, you will reach your wellness goals and be able sustain them as lifestyle.

When can a holistic coach help you?

Modern life is full of stress, deadlines, and new challenges for almost everyone in different ways. There is a lot of distraction from social media to daily life. It is very easy to get off the wagon and it becomes more difficulty get on it. It requires a lot of discipline, motivation and guidance. 

In those moments, a helping hand, a guiding light that helps you to find the path back to who you really are, is a gift. This can be a teacher, a parent, a book, a method, a friend and sometimes a holistic coach who is trained for this purpose. 

Your Holistic Coach Empowers You

Life is a journey and so your strategies against the new challenges must be adapted as you move along and face the changing conditions. 

When someone works with a Holistic Wellness Coach, these obstacles become opportunities for improvement. Your coach helps you to create strategies for them and make sure that you follow a routine that you establish together. 

Being accountable to someone else, who is always there to support you gives you energy and confidence to follow your goals – even if you cannot make it 100%. 

By time you learn to create your own strategies for these challenges and follow your routines without difficulty.

Why Holistic?

Our life is a combination of what happens though our body, mind and spirits. What happens in one directly effects the other two and so can never heal only one of them, without considering the others. 

What we eat/drink and digest turns into our cells-tissues, we become to what we consume. And how we live our life, how much we sleep, how much we exercise, how we are connected to our own hearts and feelings, and the state of or minds determine our health. 

When we are happy and motivated, with a calm and clear mind, we make the choices that are good for us and take good care of ourselves with healthier habits. And when sometimes the life happens as it should be, and our minds get too busy, our hearts feel heavy and maybe a bit lost, we might find ourselves not making the best choices as our priorities and focus gets onto these challenges.  

Therefore a holistic coach makes sure that you are eating according to your body type, your digestion works well, you sleep enough, apply self-care,  and move enough and exercise according to your conditions and goals, and finally your mind is calm and clear and your heart feels connected and light.

How does Holistic Coaching work?

When you start working with a holistic coach, he/she will learn and understand your background, your health history, daily habits and current life conditions. Then you discuss your goals. 

As early as your first meeting, you choose the priorities with your coach and start making changes in your daily life, with a pace that suits your life conditions. 

Each time you meet, you update your coach about how everything went, if you could integrate the changes you discussed. If you could not practice them, then your coach helps you to understand why and how you can make it happen next time, by creating new strategies together.

In holistic coaching, techniques like meditation, mindfulness, nutrition, exercise, habit change exercises, etc are used for you to integrate these habits step by step without a struggle that will take you to your wellness goals. 

How are group programs different?

If you work in a group program you benefit from the support of like minded people, learn how they deal and come over their challenges and motivate each other day by day. In my coaching programs, through our weekly live meetings and Whatsapp groups, participants help each other as much as I do and so you get double support and valuable insights to keep you motivated.

If this kind of work resonates with you to transform your life for your wellness goal, take a look at my programs and please let me know if you have any questions. 

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