Meditation Benefits

I am so excited to announce our new course Meditation Discovery at Beyond Yoga Academy!

Many of you asked me for this one, especially in this New Covid era, where life is very complicated, most of you feel overwhelmed, tired and still worried with everything around us.

Regular meditation changed my life in many ways, mostly being able to run a very busy and quite uncertain life with lots of ups and downs, with a calmer and more peaceful approach. it helped me to keep me stay motivated, focused and compassionate towards myself and others.

In this course; my dear teacher and partner in BYA, the one and only Anne Macnabb will alternate giving the meditation sessions on Zoom at 7h00am Tuesday mornings for 6 weeks.

Kickstart your mornings with our meditation session and practice the technique throughout your week!

All sessions will begin with a 1-minute breath work. No need to show yourself on camera on Zoom, come as you are in the morning!!!

Join our Instagram live next Thursday, 20.01.22 at 20:00 pm CET, to learn the benefits of meditation and receive more details about our Meditation Discovery Course. Link in my bio!

meditation benefits health
meditation benefits health

Meditation Benefits Health -wise

Did you know that, regular meditation practice can help you to

  • Increase your concentration in your daily life which many of us suffer
  • Support willpower that can help you in your weight loss, healthier living, quit smoking, etc efforts
  • Increase your patience, to deal with everyday issues especially with your children or at work!
  • Reduce stress & anxiety
  • Improve focus and memory
  • Achieve emotional balance and happiness
  • Strengthen the immune system against ageing and diseases

If these are good enough reasons for you, then lets start!

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