Beautiful Sri Lanka & Nourishing Ayurveda

Ayubowan! Hello from Sri Lanka!

Some decisions in our lives taken out of fear and some from faith. Faith opens the door to a new future and allows us to take new routes and explore different avenues. Fear keeps us rooted down in past, trapped, repeating the same old patterns that may not work for us.

I read this at an article in Yogalife magazine in Dubai written by Debbie Ford. 🙏🏼

My decision to come to Sri Lanka and this ayurvedic yoga retreat was based on faith, trust and curiosity!

I am happy that I did not listen to fear who was telling me all sorts of things. And yes, bombing happened and I could have been there. Yet bombs happen everywhere now and not only bombs but so many accidents and illness come into people’e lives in their “safest” environments. I am grateful to be alive and healthy and have the privilage of experiencing this transforming retreat.

Also so happy to be able contribute to the local community of SriLanka, by staying in this eco-friendly, community support missioned center called Plantation Villa.

I met with beautiful people of Sri Lanka and some other new friends, women who were working towards their path of health and wellbeing.

Please pray and spread love for this beautiful country and our planet. And keep on supporting these countries who are wounded by these attacks. Visit and share your love and support, acting from faith and not the fear.

Yoga and Ayurveda

These two are closely related spiritual or sacred sciences rooted in Vedic tradition of India.

Ayurveda is the Vedic science (yes it is science, not a myth or “belief”) of healing for both body and mind. Yoga is the vedic science of self-realization that depends on well-functioning of body and mind. Both disciplines are developed together 5000 years ago and have always been used together. From the book, Yoga and Ayurveda by David Frawley.

For me one of the most impressive part is, it is the most holistic approach to wellbeing among all modern or ancient healing methods or sciences.

Ayurveda uses nutrition, physical therapies-treatment with herbs and natural medicinal mixes, massages, yoga and other methods to heal your body, mind and spirit. It puts digestion into center and beleives you are what you digest! Isn’t this only so so simple and logical!

The sad part is in modern life we do not have the patience, knowladge or trust in them and wait too long to diagnose our ailments and then go for quick fixes.

“You Are What You Digest”!

At the retreat at Plantation Villa we had plant based meals, fresh fruits and veggies, some from their garden. Rice, coconut, lentils, bananas, mangos can be seen at every meal, cooked or raw! There is always a balance of tastes, bitter-salty-sweet-pungent and astringent. It is believed that each of these tastes (rasas) are made from the same five elements that make up doshas (our constitution of body and mind), namely space, air, fire, water, earth.

🌟Each taste has an effect on your doshas, Vata-Pitta and Kapha. When one’s doshas are out of balance, these 6 tastes can help you to repair.

Also time of the day, the seasons, freshness and quality of food is also considered. Ayurveda requires people to be close to nature and eat organic/natural food locally grown in their area.

Everyday our ayurvedic doctor explained us the benefits of ingredients used in the meals.

Education while enjoying delicious food, my type of eating!!

Ayurvedic Treatments

When you arrive to Plantation Villa you get consultation from 2 Ayurvedic doctors. They make an assesment of your health and well-being and make a treatment plan that consists of yoga, massage, specific treatments for nose, eyes, ear, intestines, cancer, IBS, constipation, burnouts, etc.

They also explain your ayurvedic constitution (doshas) and imbalances in your body.

Then your journey starts! They give your ayurvedic medicines, all natural snd supplied by trusted specialists.

I started with a wonderful head and body massage and steam bath treatments. Already these two took off all tiredness and helped to adapt this new climate and environment. In my 7 days, I had different massages, face masks, with herbal mixes and warm oils for head, body, back and feet. I had treatments with oils to my nose, herbal infusions and also a very interesting eye treatment which requires another post!

In the end, you get 10 years younger and your skin becomes soft as cotton, muscles and joints happily smile, you get lighter and more energised!

During the stay, as it was short, I only went out twice to make some sight seeing. There is so much to explore in Sri Lanka, a beautiful country with so much history and natural wonders.

Next time we’ll come longer with family and hopefully go for tea plantations, famous trains and city of Kandy.

I will be back Sri Lanka, Bohomo Istuti (thank you very much).

Here are some pictures from those short lists to temples and Sigiriya.

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