Utkatasana (Chair Pose)

Famous squat position of our times is called “Utkatasana” in yoga and has an interesting story! ✨ The meaning of it in Sanskrit language, which is the language of classical Hindu philosophy, is “ powerful” and also refers to a raised chair reserved for royalty!

In this pose (Utkatasana), the royal person on the raised seat is our true self, whose personal power is awaken to transform obstacles into opportunities for learning.

On the physical part, as you bend the knees, press the feet to floor, activate your core muscles, you start feeling the fire, the energy and difficulty at the same time. 💪 It strengthens and stabilizes joints, builds digestive fire and as you move up from this position, it strengthens legs and glutes.

🧘‍♀️ I love how one pose can bring both physical and emotional strength, uniting body, mind and spirit, which is by the way called Yoga!!

Enjoy your chair every now and then, and make good use of it!!


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