Phalakasana: Plank Pose

Topic of the week, Lower back pain😣 Does anyone not have a back pain? If so, they are lucky! Since I was 9 years old, I have been very close with it because of the herniated discs. Even though it did not require surgery, I think there are not many methods I haven’t tried, from needles in emergency rooms, to acupuncture needles, osteopathy, physiotherapy, shiatsu and mesotherapy.

Finally I realized that this will not go away, it will live with me! It is a part of me. But I’m not just that pain. And I do and teach yoga, with it for the last 10 years.

I will share with you the ways of managing my 40-year of lower back pain.

  1. Regular and Correct Movement
  2. “Self-massage” to back and psoas with 🎾+ roller 😁
  3. Yoga poses that relax the lower back area
  4. Yoga and fitness poses that strengthen the back-abdomen and hips
  5. Correct weight carrying methods
  6. Rest
  7. Your attitude towards pain, your mind and spirit
  8. I will share the details of these with you this week from stories and posts

Phalakasana – Plank Pose

🧘‍♀️ The plank pose you see here is called “Phalakasana” in yoga, meaning “to give fruit, to ripen”. If you practice plank in the correct allignment, organization and activation (abdomen tightly inside, head and neck aligned with spine, gaze forward-down, hips-abdomen-shoulders at the same height as standing upright, legs, hands, even fingers are engaged and active), with each breath, the sweat and the challenge of holding this position right, You are riping the fruits of your labor! A strong plank gives you strong deep abdominal muscles and 360 degrees of power and protection in the waist area.

In my story tomorrow I will share with you the mistakes made in the plank.

Is there anyone else among us who has a back pain? Which methods you find useful? Please share with us 🙏🏼

phalakasana plank pose yoga

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