100% Love Dates - Chocolate Covered & Nut Filled

March 5, 2018


Chocolate covered-nut filled dates, a delicious & nutricious & yummm treat! It is without sugar-sweetener as the dates are already very sweet.







✨ 100% chocolate
✨ 100% nuts or nut butters (I used unsweetened almond and peanut butters and crashed pistachhios)
✨ Orange peel or oil (I used Doterra wild orange just a fee drops)
✨ Coconut shreds
✨ Good music and good coffee while you make it🤣 :)




- Melt the chocolate in a pot over another pot with simmering water (bain marie). Add orange peel or oil and mix well.

👉🏼Take out the pit from dates and fill with nuts or butters, dip into chocolate and then to coconut shreds (or not).


💃🏻Sing and dance as you make it!


❄️Keep it in fridge for an hour so and enjoy during day time!


Exercise well after💪🏼


Stay warm and cozy with my most favorite dessert on earth!



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