How to Manage Change Better?

2020 was the year of change and that was scary and so far 2021 seems to be asking for even more changes! In addition to all the Covid madness, I changed my house, my studio, and family life last year (now we are a split family). Plus some hormonal changes started in recent years, in ways that will shuffle many things inside-out. Of course, this felt scary for me as I love my good old ways. I am a person who feels happy in “usual” ways. Yet in the last 7 years, I changed my country and career. I also learned a new language and started up my little company. So, I did make changes and then I was happy to live like that in that last couple of years.

Knowing all this, there was this period where I resisted all. Ignored all advice, and turned my back to reality and hoped that things can stay the way they are. Of course, it is waste of time. This mood of “I am who I am and will not move a step out of comfort zone.”sounds familiar?

Thankfully, I realised early enough to start organising myself. There are good days and bad days working towards this year of change! I would like to share my experience with you about change management. Here is what I do to make this transition smoother and more efficient.

Change Management

7 Tips for Change Management

We can not resist change, all we can do is to manage it to the best of our abilities, to reach to our goals or let’s say a place where we feel accomplished, and content. And this is the best way to grow, getting out of your comfort zone and reaching a goal that was once just a dream. My favourite tips about how to manage change better and do efficient change management:

Change your style!

It may sound funny but changing my hairstyle and cutting it short after 20 years, gave a boost of energy and confidence to make other changes!! If you are like me and a bit conservative in physical appearance, making a shift there may have a triggering effect on making changes in other parts of your life. So go ahead, change the hairstyle, for men maybe a new beard style, a new pair of glasses, change in wardrobe, cleaning the old and getting a few new styles that you never tried before, etc and see the effect!

Meditate everyday!

It is also my moment of thinking and repeating intentions. Intentions are the beginning point as they create thoughts, thoughts create feelings, feelings lead to desire and desires take you to take actions. Doing yoga nidra regularly also helps you to clarify and focus on your intentions. You can read more here about yoga nidra and how you can use it to reach your goals. I also strongly advise the Creative Visualisation book by Shakti Gawain for learning the techniques in setting intentions.

Create and follow a short to-do list

Focus and prioritize your list of things to do. It is a good time to get a new agenda and fill it with your intentions, bigger-longer goals and then monthly and weekly lists. My new Filofax Agenda is really efficient with a blank page for each week, so that I can re-write weekly tasks. And unlike before, I only focus on the real necessary ones in a given week. Recently I heard about Pomodoro Technique, which is an easy and practical way to stay away from distractions and finish your task! I will try this next week!

Eat well and take supplements if you need

Again another obvious point but when you give in to sugar, fat, carbs, caffein and alcohol, the hormones mess up and your energy becomes very unreliable. Eating healthy and clean gives you sustainable energy that takes you longer, not losing focus on your tasks. You may start with detox to help a faster transition and then continue to eat as clean as you can.

I felt completely different after my ayurvedic detox and able to manage my projects, daily life and health much better. I also take a group of supplements on a daily basis, to support my essential minerals and vitamins. However, I make regular check-ups to see the deficiency and accordingly I take iron, vitamin D, magnesium, Vitamin C, Omega 3-6, mix of antioxidants and essential vitamins in this set, and a special mix of natural extracts for hormonal balance in this set. Most of my supplements are from Doterra and I am happy with results since 2 years now.

Sleep minimum of 7-8 hours

You will need a lot of energy during a change and so make sure you sleep enough and have good quality sleep. That also means consume less caffeine and maybe replace your coffees with some energy-boosting herbal teas. Having a routine of sleeping around 22:00 and waking up around 06:00, gives you enough time to do your daily meditation, yoga or exercise and start your day with better energy.

Exercise for your emotional strength!

Again you’d say it is in all lists!! Yet, I personally had such a difference in my energy when I started working out and keep my cardio practice regular. There is a scientific explanation behind the benefits of hormones secreted during and after exercise and so giving you the mood and power to get on with your daily life. “Exercise promotes chemicals in the brain that improve your mood and make you more relaxed.

Specifically, the brain releases feel-good chemicals called endorphins throughout the body. Physical activity reduces anxiety and depressed mood, and enhances self-esteem”. (From Ulifeline). You should find the type of exercise you really like and can continue consistently, ideally 30minutes every day or alternatively 4-5 times per week. A good mix of cardio and strength training plus a relaxing practice like yoga will make a huge difference in your physical and emotional strength. My magical mix these past months are, 15 minutes yoga everyday. 2 times workout with a coach, 3-4 times walking, 1night of dancing, weekly. This may change seasonally adding skiing, hiking, swimming here and there to keep the connection with nature!

Promise yourself a gift!

This will be your bonus for going through these challenging days! I am planning a retreat or training in India, and even planning or dreaming about this, makes me relax and energise!! I am hoping to do this in the middle of the year and this way it will re-energise and motivate me for the rest of the year. You can think of a holiday, an experience, an adventure on your own or with your loved ones!

Connection to Core

Change management is kind of an art that might cost some time and pain to learn. Hopefully my tips about change management will help you in your journey. Let me know if these help you going through a change in your life. If you have other strategies that work for you, please feel free to share. You can leave a comment here or send me a message. If you need support in these, I would be happy to coach you or help with yoga and meditation. Check out my classes and packages and send me a message for a free initial online or in person consultation.

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