Grilled Apple Delights

Oh I love these grilled apples so much! Apples are very cleansing in addition to be being delicious! When you eat them cooked, it is easier to digest, especially when you add some spices like cinnamon, cardamom, ginger.

All you have to do is grill the apples with some coconut oil or ghee, in a toaster or oven and when they are soft, sprinkle some magic!

Just like the sweet potato recipe a few posts before, you drizzle molasses, or maple syrup, almond butter or tahini, coconut shreds, sesame, vanilla, top with pecans or walnuts. You can also grill the pecans/walnuts slightly with the apples.

This week, I am on a strict Post Covid cleansing program where I stopped eating any snacks! This is to really fire up my digestion, increase the power of Agni (digestive energy). So I am drooling looking at this delicious snack now and can’t wait to eat it again once I am stronger in my tummy!

Do you love snacking like me? Well be careful if your digestion is not strong enough, if you keep having bloating-gas or a white coating on your tongue which might be a sign of “ama” i.e. accumulated toxins. You might need to do a cleanse and see and Ayurvedic specialist.

I am starting my 1-to-1 Ayurvedic Integrative Nutrition Coaching as of next week, so contact me if you need help!

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