Ayurvedic Healthy Living Tips for Summer

It is hot!! Everywhere in the northern hemisphere is having heat waves and warnings. Most of us feel exhausted, acidity, irritability and other heat related symptoms. Here are some healthy living tips for summer from the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda to ease these symptoms and enjoy summer more.

Healthy Living Tips for Summer

Contrary to common habits, it advises not to have ice cold drinks, or cold food like yogurt, ice creams, etc. every food has a metabolic effect of heating or cooling. Yogurt forexample is sour and heating! Coconut is cooling. Ayurveda tells us to arrange not only food and drinks but all our lifestyle to adapt to heat. Check out the list and tell me which is most suprising and challenging for you? Mine is ice cream! Can’t skip ice cream on a hot summer day but I am eating much less than before!

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