Kefir Benefits

Kefir is one of the best healthy drinks I have ever tried. I would like to share with you kefir benefits to convince you how good it is!

Some simple facts to keep in mind about kefir which is made with kefir grains (yeast) and milk:

  • It tastes like a sour yogurt and more liquid then it
  • As it ferments the milk, it contains the veery healthy probiotics that we need to have everyday in order to heal our gut, which are so tired of getting rid of all the toxins we take in everyday, from sugar, processed foods, alcohol and stress
  • It was originally made in the north Caucasus Mountains, to maintain the goat, sheep or cow milk, though fermentation in leather bags. I met with this drink in Azerbaijan, where I lived for 3 years and found out that it is a popular drink in the Central and northern Asia and now all over the world with the healthy living efforts
  • Think of kefir like your best buddy of your gut, intestines, a system there to protect you from outside world
  • Almost 80% (maybe more) of your immune system relies on your gut! Many diseases start from here and if you can heal, get out from here
  • If your digestive system does not work properly, you can not get rid of toxins and then they become part of your body, causing diseases. So giving a hand to your digestive system should be part of your daily routine, seriously
  • If you are intolerant to milk, if it gives you gas and discomfort, the try kefir as the fermentation process makes it easily digestible. Look what Dr.Mercola says The bacteria that make the kefir or yogurt consume most of the lactose in milk, which can be a problem for someone with insulin resistance
  • It is much simpler then making yogurt and contains more probiotics, so another reason to give it a try
  • If you did not like the taste of it, try adding things that make it tastier for you like herbs, sea salt, cucumber for savoury tastes or berries, banana for sweetness
what are kefir benefits
how to make kefir

Discovering the Benefits of Kefir

Kefir is the miracle probiotic that improves the immune system! I highly recommend you to make your own kefir if you are trying to live healthly. Enjoy!

Do you know how to make kefir? Click to find out the best kefir recipe to make at home: How to Make Kefir

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