Unbelievably Delicious Cauliflower Pizza!

If you have not tried cauliflower pizza yet and you still binge on high-high carbs, this will be our secret as this was my second time, too!! First one did not go well and this one, ispired from Sema Sumeli(a lovely Turkish Health coach and gluten-sugar free recipe developer) did work

How to Make A Cauliflower Pizza?

So quietly go the market, get a cauliflower,
🍕Grate it or chop it in a food processor to make small pieces like rice, about 2 cups,
🍕mix it with 2 eggs
🍕6tbs of any flour of your choice like corn, flaxseed, oat, almond, etc (I used only flaxseed flour and it worked great)
🍕Add spices like salt&peppers&red pepper flakes.
🍕Mix them all well and then place it into a baking tray and bake for 30min at 160degrees celcius.

🍕Meanwhile prepare toppings, mozerella, parmesan, tomatoes, mushrooms, tofu, peppers, spices like black-red pepper, oregano, etc…
When the base is cooked, first add a few spoons of tomato-pepper paste (I also added a touch of thyme into this), then add the toppings.
🍕Bake again until the cheese melt and veggies cook, about 10min.

🙃OK, sure this is not a real pizza of course but it was a delicious treat for my weekend!
💚Cauliflower is a miracle that we did not so many years!! In Turkey we cook it mainly with minced meat-tomato-pepper paste sauce and not so popular in my house! Now we use to make a rice, salad and now pizza!!! Check out my blog for baked cauliflower and salad called “kisir”.
💚 Long live veggies!

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