Best Food Combinations for Better Digestion

There is a very interesting and a bit shocking concept in Ayurveda called Food Compatibility and there 18 different versions of it. From the seasonal compatibility to time of the day, from the metabolic effect to the geographic location, there are 18 ways Ayurveda questions the appropriateness of a meal. 

👩‍🍳 Cause cooking Ayurvedic means making the food easy to digest, since you are NOT what you eat but you are what you CAN DIGEST 🍲 If you can not digest your food properly, then it becomes a toxin and stays with you a long time, eventually causing diseases. 

When you first learn these, you might react and protest :)) In our class during this lecture, many just could not believe that for example fruit yogurt is a very bad idea for digestion. There is an exception though which says that if you are used to eating it since childhood and it does not bother your digestion (honestly), then it is Ok in moderation. Otherwise you should make sure to check with these criteria to have your digestive track working efficiently.

Food Compatibility Charts

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