How to Protect Your Digestion in Summer?

Every summer we go on holiday in Türkiye and each time we indulge ourselves in delicious food. Turkish cuisine, like most west and east Mediterranean ones, is pretty challenging if you have a sensitive digestive system like mine (as a Vata-Pitta type). Don’t worry l will share my Ayurvedic tips about how to protect your digestion in summer here!

Turkish Cuisine

 It is full of delicious tomatoes, onion, garlic and peppers (fresh and as spice). A lot of dishes are mixed or served with yogurt or cheese. And like many cultures, Turks love BBQ. The problem is it is a hot summer season and when we eat all these “pungent” sour, salty and acidic tastes during summer, it just creates more acidity and if you are sensitive to acid-reflux, it becomes a challenge. Plus, when  we mix dairy with other food like vegetables, meats, etc our digestive power weakens which causes indigestion, gas and bloating. 

How to Protect Your Digestion in Summer?

In my daily life outside of holidays, I am 80% vegan, eating plant based most days of the week and have a little bit of fish or homemade yogurt and cheese, paying attention to these combination rules (check out my blog and instagram for more details). However during holidays I am more flexible and don’t miss out the opportunity to taste these special dishes that I have been eating when I was younger!

I protect my digestion with a few tricks like:

  • Starting my day with a cooling tea, mixing coriander-fennel-cardamom seeds with licorice and hibiscus. I add a few little pieces of fresh ginger to strengthen my digestive power
  • I sip this tea all day long, between and during meals (and people look at me like crazy:). You don’t have to drink it hot, you can cool it down to room temperature
  • Avoid cold drinks, fizzy drinks and ice as much as possible as they again weaken digestive fire
  • If I had a pungent-spicy dish or a meal mixed with yogurt/cheese, I ask for a mint tea (or I ask for a mug of boiling water and ask them to add a few fresh mint leaves). This eases the acidity and also enhances digestion
  • I try not to snack between meals, to leave enough time for complete digestion
  • I limit my raw salad/fruit consumption and avoid as much as possible for dinners and breakfasts
  • So I eat fresh fruits during afternoons, and not eat anything else with them as again the combination of fruits with forexample cheese, is very hard to digest
  • I try to skip a meal during the week, like breakfast or dinner. This again helps to give enough time for the digestive system to do its job well
  • I limit my sour, salty, acidic and pungent taste consumptions which increases the indigestion

If you also have these symptoms of indigestion, try these suggestions and let me know how you feel afterwards. If it continues to be the same, then you might benefit from a detox towards the end of summer. I guide online groups every season for an Ayurvedic Cleanse and end of summer is one of the most important times for this detox. It helps us to stop the accumulation of acidity and start the autumn season with stronger digestive power. 

how to protect your digestion in summer

How to Protect Your Digestion in Summer?

Some of us gain weight during the holidays, due to getting out of routine, eating and drinking more during special occasions like vacations, parties, BBQs, etc. Again, the end of summer Cleanse helps you to get rid of these extra kilos and go back to a weight that you feel more comfortable.

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