almond feta cheese

Almond Feta Cheese

This is not a bread but Almond Cheese, Baked Feta ladies and gentelmen, a recipe from Jules Aron !! Even if you are not a vegan or dairy intolerant, I think these are very delicious snacks-treats for you and your guests.

Orange Honey

Orange & Cinnamon Soaked Honey

Honey is a miracle sweetener, which has a heating effect, decrease mucus and is perfect for Kapha and spring season. Combined with cinnamon, another drying and firing spice, plus orange which is a heating fruit with its sweet and sour taste, you have your own magical elixir for Spring energy!

pancake recipe

Pancake Time!

Pancakes are not just for kids. These delicious andeasy to make pancakes are for me! I love to eat them with a spicy apple stew,bringing a balanced sweetness and warm touch to these fluffy pancakes. You will love these pancake recipe!


Ayurvedic Porridge Recipe

It is lightly sweet, spicy, warm, and creamy! As a Vata type person, this is what satisfies me in the morning! I learned this long years of trial and error of various breakfats. This bowl has healthy fats, complex carbs and plant based protein and it feels good from the divine smell to the light feeling in tummy!

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